Is Generative AI a Fast-Track to the Future of Tech?

As many as 49% of individuals have experience with generative AI, and among them, more than a third use it daily and intend to increase their usage, according to a survey by Salesforce. On the flip side, half of the population has never used this technology, and 64% of them express their readiness to use it more if they perceive it as safe and secure.

"This data shows just how quickly generative AI usage has taken off in less than a year.In my career, I’ve never seen a technology get adopted this fast. Now, for AI to truly transform how people live and work, organizations must develop AI that is rooted in trust, and easily accessible for everyone to do more enjoyable, productive work,” said Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI.

Generative AI “super-users”  

The Generative AI Snapshot Research: The AI Divide research highlights that those who use generative AI are a dynamic and self-assured group often called "super-users." These individuals use generative AI frequently and have a strong belief in their proficiency with it.

The research shows that 65% of generative AI users belong to the Millennial or Gen Z generations, and a substantial 72% of them are currently employed.

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Moreover, nearly 6 out of 10 users are confident that they are on the path to mastering generative AI technology. Among the Gen Z population, 70% report using generative AI, and 52% of them express trust in this technology to assist them in making well-informed decisions.

Furthermore, 52% of them state that their usage of generative AI is increasing compared to when they initially started using it.

The lack of knowledge of generative AI benefits  

On the other hand, individuals who don't use generative AI are typically older and exhibit a notable disinterest in the technology. They are not familiar with generative AI and show doubts about its significance.

The majority, 68%, of non-users belong to the Gen X or Baby Boomer generations. Also, 88% are uncertain about how generative AI will affect their lives.

About 40% of non-users admit not having enough knowledge about the technology, while 32% believe that generative AI doesn't serve a practical purpose.

The potential of generative AI 

Generative AI users actively explore the technology's potential and are eager to integrate it into their professional and business interactions.

As many as 75% of users are interested in automating tasks in their workplace and utilizing generative AI for work-related communication.

Additionally, 38% of users employ generative AI for recreational or casual purposes, while 34% use it as a tool for self-education on topics of personal interest.

Notably, 62% of users are inclined to increase their usage of generative AI if they perceive it to be more secure and safe.

The "stragglers" 

Individuals who still haven't adopted generative AI, and are often referred to as "stragglers," express specific requirements and concerns they'd like to address before embracing the technology:

A significant 70% of non-users indicate that they would be more inclined to use generative AI if they had a better understanding of how the technology works.

Moreover, safety and security are paramount, as 64% of non-users would consider generative AI more if they perceived it as safer and more secure. Almost half of non-users (45%), are open to generative AI more if it is seamlessly integrated into the technology they already use in their daily lives.