Oracle Integrates Generative AI into its Cloud App Suite

Many businesses strive for advanced AI services that generate content on a global scale and assist in automating business operations. With this in mind, Oracle will collaborate with Cohere, a natural language processing platform. The generative AI services will be integrated into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and will take advantage of Oracle's powerful Supercluster capabilities.

"Our partnership with Cohere will enable our customers to easily embed generative AI into their business. Using Cohere's foundational models, customers can securely incorporate their own data to train specific models, deploy them on best-in-class AI infrastructure through OCI, and experience the business benefits immediately in their applications," said Clay Magouyrk, Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

As part of their collaboration, Cohere will utilize Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to train, create, and implement their generative AI models. OCI stands out in its ability to handle AI tasks effectively, thanks to its cutting-edge GPU cluster technology that offers exceptional performance at a lower cost. With OCI's impressive scale, the training process for LLMs will be significantly accelerated, while also reducing expenses. Not too long ago, Cohere partnered with LivePerson to launch a pilot program that enables enterprise brands to create and deploy custom LLMs.

"Oracle and Cohere have a shared focus on data security, model customization, and enabling enterprises to create business value. Together, Oracle and Cohere will help enterprises worldwide accelerate their AI initiatives, drive greater value, and deliver new levels of automation that maximize business success – while ensuring their data is secure and private," said Martin Kon, President & COO, Cohere.

Cohere's language models will be seamlessly incorporated into Oracle's comprehensive suite of cloud applications. This integration will involve embedding Cohere's models into various Oracle offerings, such as Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, Oracle NetSuite, and Oracle's industry-specific applications. By doing so, Oracle empowers its customers to swiftly and securely implement generative AI solutions to address their critical business issues.

Providing unparalleled security and powerful LLMs 

The integration of Oracle's wide range of cloud applications, extensive knowledge in data management, and AI infrastructure, along with Cohere's advanced LLMs, will result in various benefits.

Oracle's generative AI service on OCI ensures unparalleled data security, privacy, and governance. Customers have full control and ownership of their data, ensuring that a business retains its unique competitive edge. Moreover, Oracle provides tools for accessing data provenance and lineage, enabling businesses to trace the origin and history of their data.

Additionally, Oracle's generative AI services harness the capabilities of Cohere's cutting-edge foundational large language models (LLMs). These LLMs can be customized and enhanced utilizing Oracle's industry expertise and valuable data insights. Furthermore, customers have the flexibility to refine these models using their own data, thereby improving accuracy and tailoring the AI services to meet specific business needs.

Oracle is integrating generative AI services extensively into its cloud applications, covering various domains like ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX, allowing customers to leverage the latest advancements in generative AI within their business processes. Oracle will introduce new models designed for industries such as Healthcare and Public Safety, to enhance the productivity and efficiency of knowledge workers, allowing them to dedicate more time to creativity, and value-added tasks. Additionally, Oracle plans to incorporate generative AI capabilities into its database portfolio, similar to introducing machine learning features in Oracle Database and MySQL HeatWave.

The company ensures that customers can access the generative AI service wherever they require it. By utilizing the generative AI service on OCI, customers can benefit from the scalability and flexibility of the public cloud, allowing them to easily scale solutions as needed, tailor models to their specific requirements, and establish private model endpoints for their businesses. Oracle extends its generative AI services to organizations' data centers, enabling the integration of generative capabilities with on-premises data and applications.

Elsewhere, Oracle has recently revealed that it has implemented its cloud-based retail solutions at Prada Group, a prominent luxury brand.