Conduent to Reveal Financial Service Offerings for Improved Customer Experience

Conduent will participate in the Mortgage Banking Association (MBA) Servicing Solutions Conference & Expo 2023 from February 21 to 24 in Orlando, presenting its advanced financial service solutions and customer experience offerings tailored to support the mortgage industry.

Conduent's offerings are designed to enhance customer service by providing people, processes, and technology that focus on creating operational efficiencies and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Some of the offerings include:

  • Conduent offers a wide range of customer experience solutions designed to be human-centric and support the entire customer life cycle, social media services, and analytics. Their approach allows clients to quickly implement and scale their CX support, enabling seamless customer service and personalized experiences.

  • BlitzDocs is a cloud-based platform for document management that ensures fast and secure processing of mortgage documents. By using this platform, clients can quickly process documents and keep borrowers informed throughout the process. The amount of mortgage-related information available is too vast to be processed manually, so lenders need machine learning and AI to streamline operations, increase efficiencies, and enhance the customer experience. This approach creates digital connectedness and ensures that the mortgage industry keeps up with the pace of technological progress.

  • Conduent provides automated document solutions that digitally transform documents and unify data. One of their successful projects involved working with a top-ten bank to overhaul a loan audit process that previously required 50 data entry operators to manually extract data from mortgage documents. Through the use of Conduent's optical character recognition technology, the process was automated to the point where 70% of the previous workload was removed.

“Challenges such as complex processes, legacy technology systems, back-office processing demands, and high-volume customer service calls can be daunting in the highly regulated lending industry. Conduent has the unique expertise and solutions to help financial institutions deliver the experience borrowers expect with the security, quality and operational efficiencies a business needs. Our teams and technologies can meet the challenges head-on and clear a new path to business growth and digital transformation,” said Jeff Weiner, Vice President and General Manager, Conduent.

Meanwhile, Conduent has recently partnered with Genesys to offer a better customer service experience for organizations by creating an improved solution entitled Conduent Customer Experience (CX).