Conduent Partners with Genesys

Conduent and Genesys have partnered to offer a better customer service experience for organizations by creating an improved solution entitled Conduent Customer Experience (CX).

“Joining with Genesys to bundle additional innovative technologies into our solutions brings an added layer of outstanding CX solutions to our clients. Conduent’s customer experience solutions are exceptional at integrating customer care agents, training and processes to help clients drive business outcomes through excellent customer experiences,” said Jeff Weiner, Vice President, General Manager for Customer Experience Management, at Conduent.

Conduent CX and Genesys Cloud CX have fused their skills to provide clients with the best ways to design and use technology to meet the consumer's expectations. A cloud-based solution means companies can take advantage of the latest technology without being restricted by outdated systems. The Conduent CX solution brings together all customer interactions, such as chat, text, voice, web, and email, into a unified view.

“Genesys Cloud CX™ enables organizations to offer frictionless and connected experiences with a modern API-first experience orchestration platform. Collaboration with partners like Conduent helps more organizations provide unmatched customer and employee experiences,” said ML Maco, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Field Operations at Genesys.

Conduent's CX solutions use proprietary analytics to analyze customer data and provide valuable insights that help companies improve their customer service. The insights from these analytics can help companies identify areas for improvement, personalize customer experiences, and optimize the performance of customer service agents.

Conduent's CX Analytics solutions provide in-depth information about customer interactions and experiences, enabling companies to proactively resolve customer service issues.

“Using a scalable, single solution, cloud-based CX ecosystem provides end-to-end analytics that can drive decisions and improve business outcomes. Companies are at a disadvantage when they don’t have good data and don’t have the full picture of their customers’ experiences. The impact can be significant, such as losing customers and market share. Outstanding CX is a proven business differentiator and strong CX analytics enables strategic business decisions,” added Weiner.

Meanwhile, in December last year, Conduent conducted a data analysis of four of its biggest technology customer experience management clients.