Klaviyo CDP Lets Users Transform and ‘Cleanse’ Data

Marketing automation platform Klaviyo has released its own Customer Data Platform (CDP) that offers advanced analytics to help businesses understand their audience and performance.

The platform easily connects with Klaviyo’s intelligent marketing automation applications, serving as "the central source of truth" for marketing and analysis.

“We recognized that existing CDP solutions aren’t cutting it. They force businesses to invest in point solutions which makes their tech stack complicated and inefficient, they’re expensive and require full teams to make them work and they’re too complex and technical. But more importantly – it’s not enough to just manage data. Businesses need to be able to put that data into action quickly so they can launch campaigns and analyze data as they go. We’re excited to help businesses consolidate their tech stack and replace redundant software that isn’t delivering. And most importantly, we’re excited to provide new ways to help businesses own their growth, and their destiny,” said Ed Hallen, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Klaviyo.

Compared to traditional CDPs, Klaviyo CDP reinvents the modern tech stack by enabling businesses to consolidate tools into a single integrated platform. In addition, companies achieve faster time to value and greater ROI at a lower cost of ownership.

The platform ingests all customer data, unifies and normalizes data with transformation tooling, and analyzes customer cohorts with customized predictive modeling and advanced data visualizations.

Justin Ragsdale, VP of Business Development and Corporate Strategy at IM Digital, says his clients' biggest data-related challenges revolve around data transparency across departments. He adds:

“Within the organization, teams are collecting data from many different channels—from the website, from email, from contact centers. And each of these teams need that data in order to execute their function within the organization. But what we're seeing is that each team has just a fragment of the customer journey within their purview. We really need to build that 360-degree customer view so that we can understand who our customers are and what they’re doing, and then deliver them what they need.”

The Klaviyo CDP is accessible to marketers of any technical skill and requires minimal implementation. All Klaviyo customers can start using Klaviyo CDP in minutes.