Conversica Debuts Its Own GPT-Powered Chat Solution

Conversica has announced its very own enterprise-ready GPT-powered chat solution - Conversica Chat. Planned to be showcased at the B2B Marketing Exchange (B2BMX) conference this week, Conversica Chat allows users to engage in ongoing, personalized interactions that provide highly relevant information and resources.

Conversica's link with Generative AI and multiple large language models dates back to 2020, when the company first started incorporating the technology into its solutions, namely, the "foundation of Conversica's Conversation Automation solutions," according to Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica. He said:

“Our aim has always been to disrupt the industry by combining GPT technologies with the enterprise-scale features that customers demand. Conversica Chat is only the beginning of the customer journey. Our Powerfully Human conversation technology engages users in a humanlike way throughout the buyer lifecycle, across all communication channels. These capabilities make Conversica’s AI automation solutions mission-critical to customers of all sizes.” 

The chat solution brings dozens of new features that make it ready for enterprise use, some of which include brand domain knowledge and brand secure governance. The latter equips brands with so-called built-in guard rails, offering brand-safe responses which avoid any type of discrimination and hate speech.

In addition, outcome-based conversations engage users beyond simple questions and answers, actively and autonomously pushing leads through the funnel rather than just gathering contact information and passing leads to human employees.

Conversica Chat also supports more than 100 languages over a handful of channels. These include email, SMS, messaging apps, social media, and more.

Chatbots are falling short?

A recent survey conducted by Conversica shows that most buyers are unsatisfied with the standard chatbot experience, causing missed revenue opportunities for businesses. Ninety percent of enterprise buyers abandon the chat experience if the answers don’t address their unique needs and they can't get them from scripted chatbots which are generally in use today.

“As consumers continue to become familiar with GPT capabilities and enjoy their experiences, they will increasingly expect enterprise-class, GPT-enabled conversations across every communication channel in their native language when interacting with any and all businesses, brands, and organizations. Conversica is the only conversational AI company that’s truly leveraging Generative AI and GPT technologies to create life-like, two-way conversations with prospects and existing customers that help find and convert revenue opportunities,” added Kaskade.