SugarCRM Launches New Digital Self-Service Capabilities

AI-driven CRM platform SugarCRM has unveiled advanced digital self-service capabilities to assist business-to-business sellers in meeting customer expectations.

SugarCRM's new self-service tools will allow customers to easily connect with companies through 24/7 access on desktop or mobile devices, providing convenience and speed.

The new launch digitizes the entire communication and interaction process, from the initial service request to the final issue resolution. These capabilities, integrated into the Sugar platform that unifies marketing, sales, and service teams, ensure that each customer interaction is handled efficiently. Agents and account representatives can now communicate with customers 24/7, resulting in increased sales from existing customers.

With advanced multi-factor authentication and a modern interface, these capabilities allow customers to manage their personal information, ask questions, submit service requests, create service tickets, and attach files. In addition, organizations can integrate these tools into existing websites for a cohesive brand experience.

“Our new self-service capabilities are about creating better customer experiences in the moments when it matters to retain customers and nurture and build relationships for improved profitability,” said Volker Hildebrand, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing SugarCRM.

Self-service takes center stage

Self-service capabilities are becoming increasingly important in the B2B industry and are increasingly relevant throughout the customer journey, not just for post-sales service. TrustRadius's 2022 B2B Buying Disconnect report has found that 100% of B2B technology buyers want to use self-service options throughout their buying journey, an increase of 13% from the previous year.

As digital channels have become more prevalent, customers expect faster, more convenient, and more efficient interactions with companies. Self-service through online and mobile platforms is essential to meet the needs of B2B customers, both before and after the purchase.

“Sugar’s vision of expanding digital self-service beyond traditional customer service and support throughout the entire customer journey includes the advent of deal room scenarios, online contract negotiations, collaboration with channel partners, and easy access to all relevant business documents and transactions, ” added Hildebrand.