UserTesting Redefines Customer Research with AI and Mobile Tools

UserTesting has introduced significant enhancements to its Human Insight Platform, including the general availability of AI Insight Summary, a GPT-powered feature within UserTesting AI. This addition allows businesses to uncover key themes, trends, and patterns within their human insights efficiently, supporting informed and rapid decision-making.

“Our focus is on delivering valuable customer feedback through the latest technological advancements, ensuring businesses make informed decisions that benefit their customers. The positive impact of AI Insight Summary highlights our commitment to evolving with advanced technologies, including a strong background in AI and machine learning, to enhance customer experiences,” said Michelle Engle, Chief Product Officer at UserTesting.

AI Insight Summary assists companies in unveiling essential themes, trends, and patterns concealed within their human insights. This innovative tool is reinforced by source data, enabling customers to swiftly and assuredly make critical business decisions. Since its introduction in August 2023, over 800 beta customers have embraced AI Insight Summary for more intelligent and expeditious insights.

UserTesting AI Insight Summary 

Leveraging a large language model (LLM), this feature synthesizes crucial findings and identifies key moments from diverse data streams, including verbal and behavioral data.

In addition, the evidence-based verification with markers ensures the accuracy of AI analysis, providing customers with confidence in their decision-making.

Advanced Mobile Templates and Guides 

UserTesting has enhanced its mobile camera testing capabilities, offering brands a flexible, fast, and cost-effective method to comprehend customer experiences across touchpoints.

New mobile camera templates and guides cater to various industries, enabling observation of in-person experiences and optimization of adoption, engagement, satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

Integration with Rally 

Moreover, UserTesting has integrated its platform with Rally, a user research CRM platform, enabling users to seamlessly manage their audience networks for capturing video-based insights.

The integration streamlines recruitment processes, allowing users to launch tests directly from Rally, simplifying the tracking of participant testing activity within the Rally UI.

UserTesting Access Controls and Workspace updates 

These enhancements focus on streamlining the management of people, roles, and workspace permissions. User interface updates allow customers to intuitively oversee and monitor large teams and deployments, providing increased control and visibility over their accounts.

This shows UserTesting's commitment to redefining how businesses accelerate research analysis using AI and providing a comprehensive platform to capture human insights seamlessly across the customer journey.