Element451 to Boost Student Engagement with New Releases

Student engagement CRM platform Element451 has unveiled Bolt Copilot and BoltBot, the first generative AI technology for higher education. Bolt Copilot offers AI-powered content across all channels, while BoltBot allows colleges and universities to offer 24/7 support for their students. By leveraging Open AI, Element451 aims to enhance student engagement in higher education.

"These innovations fill the critical gap of content generation in our clients' workflows. It will help them achieve an unprecedented level of efficiency and effectiveness in their outreach to students — the ability to communicate with thousands of students in a personalized 1-1 approach. It's the missing link to empower resource strained teams of any size," said Ardis Kadiu, Founder and CEO, Element451.

Content Generator

Bolt Copilot is an AI content generator enabling users to:

  • Draft Reply — Produces a reply according to the context of the thread and the full knowledge-base content.

  • Build on Writing — Boosts coherence and productivity by correcting all typos, spelling, and grammar errors and rephrasing content.

  • Generates Subject Lines and Preview Text — Increases message performance by suggesting subject lines and preview text according to email content, current subject line or preview text, and best practices.

  • Modify Tone — Adapts content to the most suitable tone for the situation and chooses from professional, friendly, exciting, or urgent.

  • Summarize — Provides a chat summary, streamlining the collaboration with team members and making it easier to memorize important items.

  • Shorten and Lengthen — This enables rewording and offers just enough information to be descriptive and engaging.

24/7 Support on all Channels

BoltBot is a conversational chatbot that enables universities and colleges to offer 24/7 support to their students on all channels, such as SMS and web messenger channels.

  • Semantic Knowledge — All information is encoded with OpenAI to give it semantic meaning and leverage semantic search to seek out relevant information to answer inquiries and provide context.

  • Memory and Manners — BoltBot memorizes all chat history and leverages prior messages and semantic knowledgebase for context. The feature understands everyday expressions such as greetings, expressions of gratitude, and farewells.

  • Profile Knowledge — Integrated with the Element451 database, BoltBot provides answers to more than just knowledge base questions. It also offers user-specific information such as registration status, application updates, checklist items, etc.

  • Multichannel — The solution is available on both messenger on the website and the SMS channel.

  • Multilingual — Carries conversations in multiple languages.

  • Teamwork — BoltBot work with the team. The switch to a staff member is a seamless experience, and it stays in the context of the conversation. It also assists users through the whole process, including event registration, booking an appointment, completing a survey, and creating a task via the chat interface.

With these solutions, Element451 aims to improve student engagement and boost their overall experience. Both features can offer personalized support, answer student inquiries and assist students throughout the enrollment process and beyond.

"Generative AI and large language models(LLMs) are once in a generation technology. This is just the beginning of their applications and will continue to deliver rapid iterations of features and functionality to help our mission of connecting students and schools through technology," said Ardis Kadiu, Founder and CEO of Element451.

Element451's BoltBot and Bolt Copilot are currently available in limited preview for select Element451 partners, and a broad release is set for later this month.