Balto Releases New Real-Time Capability Beacon

Real-time guidance platform Balto has released a new capability called Beacon to help agents with tested and crowd-sourced real-time recommendations.

Beacon is a tool that allows companies to improve their customer service by utilizing the knowledge and expertise of their best agents. By collecting suggestions from real customer calls, the tool introduces new and tested content. This provides managers and supervisors with insights into the agents' behaviors and habits, which help them seek out the best-performing ones.

"Beacon is groundbreaking for the contact center industry and Balto's customers. It identifies what your top performers are doing and automatically recommends winning tactics to all of your agents... without you having to do a thing. For the first time in history, sales and customer service teams can effortlessly source and disseminate best practices from their top performers. No one else in the industry is doing this, and we're excited to keep growing our capabilities," said Marc Bernstein, Founder & CEO of Balto.

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Distributing best strategies and techniques across conversations

Beacon utilizes Balto's current system for providing real-time suggestions and conversation scripts to agents during customer interactions. It operates in three stages:

  • Observe - Beacon analyzes large amounts of data and makes observations. Managers then see and interact with these observations (e.g., add content that wasn't used before to a playbook).

  • Experiment - Beacon does different experiments in the background to see the possible positive impact of these observations.

  • Take Action - After passing the experiment; the observation becomes an action - a recommendation that can be taken with one click.

"Have you ever thought, 'I wish a software could just tell me what to do differently?' With the release of Beacon, Balto is elevating the agent role to go beyond one-off customer interactions empowering every agent to make an impact on the entire company. You can explore Beacon's observations to find those 'golden nuggets' or wait for Beacon to serve you its best recommendations," said Kyle Jones, Vice President of Product, Balto.

Being part of Balto's Real-Time Guidance product suite, Beacon is currently available to all Balto customers.

At the end of October last year, Balto released a new update to the Balto Real-Time Index, a tool that collates trends, insights, and in-depth analysis for contact centers.