Exploring the Boundless Possibilities of ChatGPT: AppsFlyer Paves the Way for Innovative Brands

SaaS mobile marketing analytics platform AppsFlyer has introduced a new feature that allows brands and marketers to measure the performance of their ChatGPT plugins on various platforms, including mobile apps, CTV, and the web. This feature also enables the tracking of customer journeys across different paid, social, and organic traffic sources such as Meta, Google, and Apple.

"ChatGPT plugins present a revolutionary opportunity for brands and consumers to connect, in addition to interactions on web and mobile apps. As an industry, we have an opportunity to architect this new world in a responsible way, by maximizing both customer value, experience and privacy. This new world is not bound to the status quo and building blocks like cookies and device identifiers. I am thrilled to take part in this revolution, not only because we have been building privacy-preserving tech for a cookieless environment for the last 10 years, but mainly because it is perfectly aligned with our vision for a better and safer digital experience,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO and Co-founder, AppsFlyer.

OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT plugins in March 2023, which allow users to interact with various external services without leaving ChatGPT's interface. By leveraging the plugins, ChatGPT users can access information from data sources such as Expedia, FiscalNote, Instacart, KAYAK, Klarna, and Shopify in real-time and receive helpful insights and recommendations.

While ChatGPT plugins have created great opportunities for consumer interactions and revenue generation, the lack of cookies and device identifiers has made it difficult to measure and analyze user behavior. This presents a challenge for brands and marketers who need data-driven insights to improve their plugin's performance and marketing efforts. AppsFlyer has addressed this challenge by offering privacy-preserving measurement and analytics support for ChatGPT, enabling brands and marketers to gain valuable insights into their customers' interactions and plugin performance, as well as their marketing activity across all digital platforms and traffic sources.

Tracking high intent 

The ChatGPT plugin support is especially useful for e-commerce, retail, and travel brands that rely on an omnichannel approach to their marketing efforts. They can gain valuable insights into user behavior and engagement as they interact with high-intent audiences throughout the user journey. To ensure user privacy, AppsFlyer has implemented the Privacy Cloud Data Clean Room, which allows service providers' plugins to measure traffic from ChatGPT while keeping user data confidential.

AppsFlyer's ChatGPT support is not only available for existing ChatGPT plugins but also for innovative companies looking to explore and innovate in this exciting new space.