Frame AI Unveils Enterprise-Focused Features

Frame AI has unveiled new product features tailored for enterprise use cases, including Cost Tiers, Score Builder, and HIPAA compliance. The introduction of these updates enables customer support and engineering teams to accurately assess the expenses associated with escalated service requests. This streamlined approach aids in optimizing actions, reducing costs, and safeguarding revenue for businesses utilizing Frame AI's platform.

“In the 21st century, companies cannot choose between creating great customer experiences or staying cost-efficient – they must do both. Customer service executives, CFOs, and CEOs alike need tools to help increase the speed and effectiveness of teams dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by their customer base. These new features enable customer service teams to aggregate and calculate the categories and costs of service tickets specific to their business, and to create solutions for recurring challenges,” said George Davis, founder and CEO of Frame AI.

Frame AI has introduced Cost Tiers to provide more accurate cost estimation for escalated tickets, ensuring businesses have a clearer understanding of the expenses tied to specific ticket types. By eliminating vague cost estimates, this feature enables more precise cost evaluation. In addition, Score Builder allows users to customize and calibrate scores that predict business outcomes. This helps customer success teams take informed actions based on these scores.

Moreover, Frame AI has introduced new features to support HIPAA Compliance, including a comprehensive third-party audit. This ensures that users can safely and securely serve clients in regulated healthcare industries while adhering to the guidelines outlined in a Business Associate Agreement.

Mike Lazarow, an investor in Frame AI and founder of Buddy Media, emphasized the significant business impact of customer experience optimization. He recognized that addressing the needs and concerns of customers goes beyond the initial purchase and has broader implications for a company's success. Lazarow's decision to support Frame AI comes from his realization of the inefficiencies in the customer experience field.

Elsewhere, Frame AI and Twilio have joined forces to leverage artificial intelligence to improve customer engagement through Twilio Flex.