NICE Taking Customer Service to New Heights with New Enlighten AI Solutions

NICE has introduced three new solutions under Enlighten, an AI platform designed specifically for the Customer Service sector. By combining Generative AI technology with CXone's extensive CX data, NICE has offered solutions that enable enhanced engagement, predictive capabilities, and actionable insights to improve agent effectiveness, enhance consumer experiences, and achieve operational excellence in customer service.

“NICE is committed to helping organizations with today’s growing need for decision velocity and the creation of personalization at scale. NICE is writing the next page in CX innovation by bringing the benefits of AI in a trusted, enterprise-grade manner to empower human-friendly conversations that create exceptional experiences for consumers, employees and executives,” said Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE.

Enlighten's solutions are built on NICE's extensive data and domain-specific models, derived from various interactions, and leverage the capabilities of CXone's top-notch CX applications and workflows. This combination allows businesses to leverage the power of AI while ensuring data privacy, and seamless brand integration.

As part of the launch, NICE is introducing three new solutions under Enlighten, the Enlighten Copilot, Enlighten Autopilot, and Enlighten Actions.

Enlighten Copilot  

Similar to Microsofts's 365 Copilot, which helps users unleash their creativity, boost productivity, and enhance their skills, Enlighten Copilot provides customer service employees with an AI-powered conversational experience that acts as a supportive companion. It delivers accurate and brand-specific prompts, enhancing the interactions with customers.

By offering personalized coaching and handling repetitive tasks, Enlighten Copilot empowers agents, resulting in improved experiences for both agents and customers. It promotes smarter, guided interactions, enabling agents to deliver better service and create more meaningful customer experiences.

Enlighten Autopilot 

Enlighten Autopilot introduces a fresh conversational AI approach to engage consumers, leveraging the company's trusted knowledge and aligning responses with brand and business objectives. As consumers interact with Enlighten Autopilot, it embodies the qualities of the brand's top employee, delivering fully personalized experiences that resonate with each individual, ensuring consistent and on-brand interactions, and enhancing customer engagement.

Enlighten Actions 

Enlighten Actions helps CX leaders comprehend their operations and helps them make informed decisions. By integrating Enlighten's specialized AI models for CX, Generative AI technology, and industry benchmarks, CX leaders gain actionable insights. Enlighten Actions proactively identifies areas where automation can be optimized and utilizes CXone's advanced applications to streamline the associated processes, enabling CX leaders to drive operational efficiency and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Elsewhere, NICE Actimize has introduced its innovative Suspicious Activity Monitoring (SAM-10) solution, designed to improve the detection of suspicious activity while reducing false positives.