JustCall Helps SMBs Boost Contact Center Performance with New Launch

JustCall by SaaS Labs, a provider of contact center software for SMBs, has introduced JustCall iQ, an AI-powered conversational intelligence platform designed to enhance the performance of call center sales teams and improve operations and customer support.

"Onboarding, training, and mitigating turnover is a top priority among businesses that rely on sales and customer service reps as their lifeblood. By equipping reps with real-time scoring and coaching, our platform provides a better way to onboard effectively, reduce churn and provide timely and constructive feedback to employees to supercharge their performance. Our goal is to eliminate the chaos of contact centers, which creates happier teams, happier customers, and more productive employees," said Gaurav Sharma, CEO of SaaS Labs.

According to Statista reports, 40% of customers discontinue their association with brands that provide poor customer support, resulting in an estimated revenue loss of $75 billion for U.S. companies. Surprisingly, only 1-2% of customer interactions are actually analyzed, which means that 98% of agent-customer interactions go untapped, missing out on valuable opportunities to establish meaningful connections with customers.

By leveraging AI-driven conversational intelligence, JustCall iQ enables teams to achieve optimal performance within a matter of days, compared to the lengthy training modules that typically span months. Early pilot customers have already witnessed remarkable results, with closed-won rates increasing by 44%, average handle time decreasing by 25%, and customer satisfaction improving by 32%.

The features  

Teams can enhance their performance with AI Call Scoring, a system that utilizes artificial intelligence to deliver personalized feedback and guidance. By providing unbiased insights, it helps identify top-performing individuals, effective messaging strategies, and areas that need improvement.

In addition, the Agent Assist feature offers representatives real-time guidance and support, enabling them to deliver effective interactions. With Agent Assist, reps receive alerts on customer sentiment, crucial moments, patterns, and other valuable insights, ensuring they navigate calls correctly and with confidence.

The Sentiment Analysis feature helps automatically monitor and identify instances where customers may lose interest. By detecting these moments in real-time, administrators can swiftly take action to provide better quality assurance and targeted training.

Moreover, JustCall IQ helps streamline workflows and prioritize revenue-generating activities by automating laborious compliance tasks. The Compliance feature simplifies the process of staying in line with regulations, allowing businesses to remain up to date while freeing up valuable time for their team.

The latest release eliminates the need for guesswork when analyzing calls and provides valuable insights to enhance the team's performance. With Post-Call Reports, clients receive a comprehensive overview of each call, including key takeaways, learnings, and actionable next steps. This not only highlights successful aspects but also identifies areas for improvement in future calls.

Additionally, AI-Coaching elevates agents' performance with real-time coaching and reinforcement. Powered by AI, this feature provides agents with helpful hints and checklists in real-time, complementing the sentiment analysis capabilities.

Not too long ago, Pipedrive introduced two new integrations with JustCall and CloudTalk, to enhance sales communication processes and optimize business calls.