Genesys Raising the Bar for Employee Experience with Genesys Cloud EX

Genesys has unveiled the Genesys Cloud EX, an employee experience solution that offers enhanced engagement, motivation, and empowerment to workers in contact centers and other industries. The new product is designed to augment the performance, trust, and engagement of the modern digital workforce by using capabilities like AI-enabled workforce forecasting, gamification, performance management, coaching, and employee development.

Although most companies realize that positive employee experience has a huge impact on customer experience, many are struggling to manage and support their employees due to outdated on-premises systems. According to the "State of Customer Experience" report by Genesys, only 52% of surveyed organizations are currently using modern cloud-based workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions to address this challenge.

"Employee experience is a business imperative because it often dictates customer experience. Many organizations are hamstrung by legacy investments that limit their ability to support the needs of today's digital workforce. Genesys Cloud EX offers companies a simplified path to the cloud and tools that help them manage and empower their employees wherever they are," said Olivier Jouve, chief product officer, Genesys.

Genesys Cloud EX offers a comprehensive suite of employee experience features in one user interface, including quality management, performance management, and workforce management. The solution is built on Genesys' AI-powered foundation for workforce engagement management, which currently holds 22 patents and over 100 pending patents in AI.

Additionally, Genesys Cloud EX provides organizations with flexibility to improve their employee experience, either as a standalone solution or as part of the full Genesys Cloud CX suite. It can be integrated with existing contact center infrastructure or used to support employees in the back office. The solution also comes with pre-built connectors from Genesys Engage, Avaya, and Amazon Connect to streamline the integration process between systems. This enables organizations to modernize their employee experience and empower their workforce beyond the contact center.

Genesys Cloud EX boosts employee productivity

 The quality management tools in Genesys Cloud EX are equipped with AI and automation features, providing a comprehensive solution that assists managers in setting specific customer experience (CX) improvement targets, enabling them to empower employees in real-time through personalized and performance-oriented training.

With the help of speech and text analytics, organizations can better comprehend customer inquiries and provide more effective responses through both self-service and agent-assisted interactions, which can be predicted and suggested more accurately with the use of this technology.

In addition, AI-powered forecasting and scheduling capabilities allow organizations to intelligently manage their resources by ensuring that the right employees are available to assist customers at the right time. This feature also provides suggestions on what resources might be required at any given moment, helping organizations avoid the pitfalls of overstaffing or understaffing.

With performance management and gamification, Genesys Cloud EX provides organizations with a way to make work more enjoyable for their employees. The platform features user-friendly dashboards that offer personalized, immediate feedback on how employees are meeting business goals, encouraging a sense of ownership and accomplishment. Additionally, leaderboards and competitions can help foster teamwork and a sense of camaraderie among colleagues.

Elsewhere, Genesys has recently launched GCXNow, a solution that helps small- to mid-sized organizations quickly and easily explore and purchase a full-featured CCaaS solution.