Google Cloud Solves Healthcare Challenges with New Vertex AI Search Capabilities  

Google Cloud has unveiled enhanced functionalities within Vertex AI Search, tailored for healthcare and life sciences organizations. These capabilities enable using medically-optimized generative AI for comprehensive data searches, encompassing clinical data sources like FHIR data and clinical notes. This functionality is achieved through integration with Google Cloud's Healthcare API and Healthcare Data Engine and leveraging Google Health's search and intelligent summarization capabilities from Care Studio, its pilot product.  

"Bringing Google-quality, gen AI search capabilities across an organization's entire ecosystem, including EHRs, has the potential to dramatically improve efficiencies, provide clinical decision support, and increase the quality of care clinicians can give patients. Making Vertex AI Search more useful for healthcare and life science organizations is a priority for us because we know that having the right information and insights at the right time can make all the difference in health," said Burak Gokturk, VP and general manager, Cloud AI and Industry Solutions for Google Cloud.

The tailored Vertex AI Search for healthcare and life sciences aims to address pressing challenges like workforce shortages, provider burnout, and administrative burdens. For instance, within the next five years, the United States is anticipated to confront a deficit of over 3.2 million frontline healthcare workers, including medical assistants, home health aides, and nursing assistants (Mercer). The introduction of Vertex AI Search features for healthcare and life science organizations seeks to alleviate some of the administrative challenges and act as a supportive technology for clinicians and healthcare professionals.

The latest enhancements to Vertex AI Search expand upon its existing capabilities, which allow for the seamless creation of question-answering and conversational search applications driven by foundation models. These features also enable aligning gen AI results with an organization's data. The newly introduced features, tailored for healthcare and life sciences, help customers locate precise clinical information with greater efficiency and inquire about patient records.

Customers have full data control  

In healthcare environments, patient data access and utilization are safeguarded by Google Cloud's robust infrastructure and secure data storage systems, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations. Each customer can implement their security measures, privacy controls, and processes to further protect data. Vertex AI Search, Healthcare Data Engine, and Healthcare API are designed to uphold HIPAA compliance standards.

Google Cloud customers can leverage the Vertex AI Search features tailored for healthcare and life sciences alongside Med-PaLM 2, Google's large language model for medical contexts. While Med-PaLM 2 excels in handling intricate medical subjects, the Vertex AI Search features for healthcare and life sciences provide medically-tuned search capabilities rooted in patient records. When used in conjunction, healthcare institutions gain the ability to discover the most pertinent answers to complex medical queries, drawing from both global knowledge and the patient's medical history.

Google Cloud customers can now register for early access to Vertex AI Search features.

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