Google Cloud Unleashes Generative AI and Cloud Innovations at Next ’23 Event 

At the Next '23 event, Google Cloud revealed a range of developments, including new clients, collaborators, and product enhancements. These advancements are designed to make generative AI and cutting-edge cloud technologies accessible and advantageous for businesses, government entities, and individuals.

"We are in an entirely new era of cloud, fueled by generative AI. Our focus is on putting gen AI tools into the hands of everyone across the organization—from IT, to operations, to security, to the board room. As the industry's most open cloud, our goal is to help companies use AI and other cloud technologies to streamline their operations, increase productivity, and create entirely new lines of business," said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud.

Vertix AI platform improvements

Google Cloud has unveiled enhancements to its Vertex AI platform, designed to facilitate machine learning model development and deployment:

Vertex AI Search and Conversation: These tools are now generally available, allowing organizations to quickly create Search and Chat applications using their data with minimal coding and robust management and security features.

New Models: Google Cloud is introducing models like Llama 2 and Code Llama from Meta, Technology Innovative Institute's Falcon LLM, and pre-announcing Claude 2 from Anthropic.

Vertex AI Extensions: Developers can create and manage extensions for real-time information, company data integration, and user action.

Digital Watermarking on Vertex AI: Utilizing Google DeepMind SynthID, this technology embeds invisible watermarks directly into images, enhancing security.

Colab Enterprise: Combining the ease of Colab notebooks with enterprise-level security and compliance, this managed service aids data scientists in accelerating AI workflows. 

Infrastructure improvements  

Additionally, Google Cloud has introduced several infrastructure enhancements to assist its customers in harnessing the power of generative AI and other advanced technologies:

Cloud TPUv5e: Google Cloud's latest AI accelerator, the Cloud TPUv5e, is a cost-effective, versatile, and scalable solution that supports both large-scale AI training and inferencing on a single platform.

GKE Enterprise: This feature allows for multi-cluster horizontal scaling, catering to the demands of mission-critical AI and ML workloads.

Cross-Cloud Network: A global networking platform that facilitates secure connections between applications across different cloud environments, featuring open architecture, workload optimization, and AI-driven security.

Google Distributed Cloud (GDC): GDC addresses the needs of organizations running workloads at the edge or in their data centers. It incorporates Vertex AI integrations and offers a managed version of AlloyDB Omni on GDC Hosted, extending AI capabilities to edge computing.  

Duet AI in Google Workspace  

Google Cloud initially introduced Duet AI in May at I/O, presenting an array of new capabilities spanning Workspace and developer tools. Now, Google Cloud is rolling out Duet AI in Google Workspace, making it accessible to select users. Additionally, the preview capabilities of Duet AI in Google Cloud are being expanded, with plans for general availability later this year.

Duet AI isn't limited to Workspace; it's expanding its capabilities to offer AI assistance across various Google Cloud products and services. It serves as a coding assistant for faster development, an expert adviser for quick issue resolution, a data analyst for improved insights, and a security adviser to enhance cybersecurity practices. Elsewhere, Google has improved its Search Generative Experience (SGE) by adding new generative AI capabilities and making AI a central part of online experiences.