Kyndi Launches Kyndi Clarity Solution to Provide Instant and Accurate Answers

Natural language processing company Kyndi has released a self-service customer support solution Kyndi Clarity,  that uses natural language to provide instant and accurate results. With just one click, customers and employees can access trustworthy information without calling support teams or waiting on hold. The solution helps companies improve their first contact resolution rate, increase customer support efficiency, and enhance customer and agent experiences.

"Customers and employees alike are tired of ineffective solutions like Chatbots and IVAs because these tools fail to find the right answers for them. ChatGPT showed the world there is a better way to search, and Kyndi Clarity now makes those same technologies usable in the enterprise. Kyndi Clarity helps people answer questions by providing highly relevant, trustworthy, and context-driven information in a simple, self-service manner to optimize customer experience and improve employee productivity," said Ryan Welsh, CEO and Founder of Kyndi.

According to a Harvard Business Review study, in various industries, 81% of customers try to resolve issues on their own before contacting customer service. This means that when customers eventually reach out for help, it indicates that the company has not provided the expected experience.

Faster Issue Resolution

Kyndi Clarity helps resolve issues by providing accurate and relevant answers from unstructured, text-based data. It is designed to deliver highly relevant information to customers and agents, regardless of how they phrase their questions, by providing effective self-service and reducing the workload and cost for support teams. Having fewer support tickets to process, support professionals can focus on more complex issues and resolve them more efficiently. Additionally, new agents can use Kyndi Clarity to quickly find relevant information about company policies and business offerings, which can help accelerate their onboarding process.

Kyndi Clarity provides detailed analytics on users' behaviors and needs, allowing content and knowledge management teams to make informed decisions on improving and curating content. The solution can be deployed in a matter of weeks, and no data labeling, model training, or specialized machine learning expertise is required. Moreover, organizations can seamlessly integrate Kyndi Clarity with their self-service channels, such as Chatbot, Search, and IVA, through RESTful APIs to enhance the effectiveness of those tools when individuals search for information.

Key Kyndi Clarity benefits include:

  • Trustworthy and precise answers at first point of contact. The solution enables users to ask questions as they prefer, and in just one click, they receive highly-relevant and accurate answers. With Kyndi Clarity, customers can easily find the information they need on their own, instead of spending time on unproductive searches or contacting the support line.

  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface that displays results in an easily navigable format. The solution places the correct answer in the curated content at the top of the result list to capture the user's immediate attention. Furthermore, Kyndi Clarity also shows related content from curated and non-curated repositories, which helps expand the user's knowledge and engagement.

  • AI proficiency that helps enhance users' confidence. Unlike other AI solutions such as ChatGPT, Kyndi Clarity provides sources and reasons behind its answers, giving users more transparency in the results, helping them take the necessary steps with the information they receive. Furthermore, the solution's transparency allows content and knowledge management teams to fine-tune the AI model as required, leading to even better outcomes.

  • Insights-driven content improvements. Kyndi Clarity's in-depth analytics enable content teams to gain valuable insights into user behaviors and identify areas where their content may be lacking. Content teams can then quickly optimize content curation strategies to meet customers' needs and improve customer engagement.

  • Easy deployment. Delivering value to businesses within a few weeks of implementation, Kyndi Clarity offers flexible design that enables content and knowledge management teams to optimize and fine-tune results without requiring specialized coding skills. In addition, Kyndi Clarity offers various industry-specific, out-of-the-box starter kits ( Pharma, ESG, and HR etc.), which can help accelerate implementation.