Introducing Nexthink Assist, The Pioneer AI-Powered Assistant for Digital Employee Experience

Nexthink has introduced Nexthink Assist, an AI-powered virtual assistant for digital employee experience (DEX). This innovative solution combines Nexthink's core technology with large language models (LLM) and a pre-trained AI generative model that converts natural language into queries. By doing so, Nexthink Assist streamlines IT investigations by allowing users to interact with it using everyday language, making it accessible to a wider range of individuals.

“The first Nexthink customers were so excited about the visibility we brought and how it “shined a light” on employee’s digital workplace problems. Today, with Nexthink Assist we’re going a step further to make it even easier to bring to light the answers they need; asking any question and getting answers immediately. Overloaded IT teams, skills gaps limiting hiring and other resource limitations will always constrain IT Teams, but Nexthink Assist makes it easier to tackle user challenges faster. No more query building is the future of IT, we’re excited that technology today is getting ready to meet that vision,” said Samuele Gantner, Chief Product Officer at Nexthink.

Nexthink Assist enables clients and IT teams to:

Convert questions posed in everyday language into queries that the company's systems can understand. For instance, it can translate queries like "Can you find all the devices experiencing Outlook crashes?" or "Which users in London are currently facing audio quality problems with Teams?"

In addition, it simplifies the process of investigating and resolving IT issues with a user-friendly platform that enables IT teams to quickly diagnose and fix problems by analyzing real-time device data and providing actionable troubleshooting insights. Nexthink Assist offers step-by-step guidance and self-help resources to educate newcomers on digital employee experience strategies and help them get started effectively.

Moreover, it assists clients in developing and tailoring employee engagement surveys to capture meaningful insights and provides comprehensive alerts to remind IT in real-time about the most important aspects.

The company prioritizes the privacy and security of customer information by ensuring that no data is shared with third-party companies while generating results without the need for any data transfer.

Nexthink, with its extensive R&D team, is committed to ongoing innovation using AI, and its focus is on enabling organizations to transition from reactive IT troubleshooting to proactive IT management. Starting in July 2023, Nexthink Assist will be widely accessible to Infinity customers.