HubSpot’s 2023 Sustainability Report Reveals Initiatives and Future Goals

HubSpot has unveiled its 2023 Sustainability Report, which showcases the company's advancements in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) initiatives, significant achievements, and potential areas for development. The report focuses on three essential aspects: prioritizing climate action, fostering inclusivity and fairness for employees, and actively engaging with communities, all while upholding strong governance practices.

“Our 2023 Sustainability Report shares transparency into how we are creating a resilient, sustainable, and ethical business, fostering connection across a diverse and equitable workplace, and investing in the communities where we live and work. We’ve made tremendous strides, and the road ahead will require continued innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to purpose-driven ESG. I’m looking forward to forging partnerships across our value chain to build a sustainable future together,” said Yogesh Chauhan, Director of ESG, HubSpot.

Prioritizing climate action

HubSpot is focused on addressing climate change by setting an ambitious goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. To ensure the credibility of their targets, HubSpot submitted its science-based targets for validation to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) in October 2022. The company aims to make its buildings more sustainable, empower employees to minimize travel-related emissions through awareness, education campaigns, and policies, and collaborate with suppliers to foster a low-carbon economy.

Fostering inclusivity

In addition, HubSpot has adapted and improved its hybrid work model while maintaining a strong focus on fostering a culture that embraces flexibility, connection, diversity, and inclusion. In 2022, the company achieved gender parity within its Company Executive Leadership Team (CELT), and the overall representation of women in the company reached 47%. HubSpot has actively promoted connection among its global workforce through a combination of virtual and in-person events dedicated to culture, diversity, and learning.

The company has also expanded its positive influence in the communities where it operates. Responding to employee feedback, HubSpot introduced a global employee volunteering platform and benefit, allowing its employees to allocate dedicated time to actively support the causes that resonate with them.

Privacy and security investments

Moreover, HubSpot has made significant investments in data privacy and security to foster trust among its customers and partners. To prioritize customer data protection, the company introduced various tools to support customers and ensure their data's security, including features designed to assist customers in complying with changing regulations. HubSpot has also implemented mandatory two-factor authentication to enhance the protection of customer accounts. Additionally, HubSpot launched the Customer Trust Center, a resource that provides customers with detailed information about the company's security, privacy, compliance, and governance practices.

HubSpot’s focus on specific actions

HubSpot is pursuing its science-based targets for emissions reduction by prioritizing specific actions. The company is implementing initiatives and measures to decrease its carbon footprint, including the adoption of energy-efficient technologies, procuring renewable energy, and practicing sustainable supply chain management, all in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Additionally, HubSpot cultivates a workplace that values diversity, inclusion, and a strong sense of connection, ensuring career growth opportunities for everyone. The special focus is on recruiting and retaining gender diversity on a global scale and enhancing the recruitment and retention of BIPOC employees within the United States.

HubSpot prioritizes trust and upholds high ethical standards by providing data transparency and control tools to empower its customers to build trust and deliver value to their customers. The company is committed to a multi-year procurement vision that involves establishing a streamlined, global procure-to-pay process, thus systematizing its approach to its value chain, mitigating risks, and effectively tracking sustainability measures throughout its operations.

Elsewhere, HubSpot has recently unveiled two new AI-powered tools: content assistant and, to assist its customers with making stronger connections with their audiences while saving time.