New Unbabel Solution Drives Next-Generation Multilingual Communication

Unbabel has launched its new LangOps Platform to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing multilingual content and communication. It offers transparency and control over all language-related aspects within an organization and allows Unbabel customers to customize machine translation to align with their communication and content objectives.

Unbabel's new LangOps Platform aims to address challenges in meeting the constant need for content translation and struggling to find scalable and user-friendly solutions. It helps customers have precise control over the quality, speed, and cost of translations, providing unprecedented visibility. The platform incorporates a unique Quality Estimation tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to determine which translations can be automated and which require human refinement to achieve customers' quality objectives.

“Unbabel always strives to create the most accurate, efficient translation experience possible to truly eliminate language barriers and help our customers reach new audiences. Up until now, businesses haven’t been able to fully take advantage of AI in translation but our new platform is making the benefits of AI more accessible than ever. With these advancements in our LangOps Platform, customers can now experience the power of machine translation with confidence and at scale,” said Vasco Pedro, Co-founder and CEO of Unbabel.

The platform provides not only cost savings and improved translation quality but also easy management and control of translation workflows.

Additional features  

Quality Estimation (QE): The platform employs QE to predict machine translation quality. It automates high-quality machine translations and intelligently identifies content that requires human review.

Pipeline Manager: Users can easily create, review, and manage translation pipelines. The platform offers clarity in terms of speed, quality, and cost, allowing users to optimize their translation processes.

Quality & Usage Reporting: The platform provides quality reporting, offering visibility into the quality scores of all translations. Additionally, the usage report offers in-depth insights into consumption patterns across time, content type, language pairs, and integrations.

LangOps-as-a-Service: This service offers expert linguistic support, helping optimize translations and aligning them with the customers' specific business goals.

Not too long ago, Unbabel's Director of Product Marketing, Phill Brougham, sheds more light on the importance of translation in providing excellent customer experience and how Unbabel enhances cross-cultural and global business operations by eliminating language barriers.