Kore.ai Unveils Intelligent Virtual Assistant Automation for Zendesk Sunshine Conversations

Kore.ai has integrated its conversational AI XO Platform into Zendesk Sunshine Conversations to provide intelligent virtual assistants that can automate up to 90% of customer service requests, streamlining the customer service process.

By leveraging the Kore.ai XO Platform with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations, businesses can customize their customer experience without any coding and support over 100 languages. This integration enables customers to receive 24/7 self-service support, even when live agents are unavailable.

With the integration of the Kore.ai XO Platform and Zendesk Sunshine Conversations, businesses can create and deploy intelligent virtual assistants that automate customer interactions. These virtual assistants can help users with queries and tasks and, when necessary, transfer the customer to a human agent on Zendesk for complex issues or high-value transactions.

Kore.ai's intelligent virtual assistants use natural language understanding and contextual intelligence to identify user intent, sentiment, and tone across all channels supported by Sunshine Conversations. This allows for the seamless automation of tasks and the completion of actions by interpreting the meaning behind human conversations.

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The Benefits for Contact Centers 

The use of intelligent virtual assistants can lead to significant cost savings for businesses, with an estimated $80 billion saved by 2026, according to Gartner. These virtual assistants can handle customer inquiries, allowing contact center agents to focus on more complex issues or high-value transactions. Other benefits include customer self-service, around-the-clock availability, a fast resolution to complex issues, and accessibility across various communication channels.

Benefits of the Kore.ai Platform for Zendesk Sunshine Conversations 

Some of the benefits of the Kore.ai Platform for Zendesk Sunshine Conversations are the following:

  • The platform can contain up to 90% of customer requests

  • Handling times are reduced by up to 50%

  • Supports customers automatically on every Sunshine Conversations channel

  • Supports 100+ languages built-in

  • Switches to a human agent when needed or requested

The Kore.ai XO Platform and SmartAssist integration for Zendesk Sunshine Conversations is currently available on the Zendesk marketplace.

Just last month, Kore.ai unveiled the newest version of its platform, the Kore.ai Experience Optimization (XO) Platform Version 10.0.