SupportLogic Acquires Emtropy Labs to Improve Customer Support

Support experience management platform SupportLogic has acquired Emtropy Labs, a technology provider that helps automate quality assurance (QA) for business support centers.

Emtropy Labs helps businesses improve their customer support and minimize customer churn by analyzing all interactions between customers and agents, along with providing real-time feedback to coaches. With this acquisition, the Emtropy team will become part of SupportLogic, and the technology will be incorporated into the SupportLogic platform.

"How your support agents communicate with your customers impacts your brand experience. B2B companies have relied on tedious manual case audits to safeguard company brand image and customer experience. With the addition of Emtropy Labs, we are enabling organizations to auto QA their support and deliver a world-class support experience without additional investment in people, processes, or technology," said Krishna Raj Raja, Founder and CEO, SupportLogic.

Last year, SupportLogic introduced a product for coaching and monitoring agents, and with the addition of Emtropy Labs, the platform will now have the ability to provide 100% coverage of customer interactions across all channels and use AI-based models to gain deeper insights and analysis.

"At Emtropy Labs, our mission is to help fast growing CX teams leverage their data and help efficiently scale their resources to improve customer outcomes. To achieve this, we built the first continuous AI-powered QA and coaching solution. The stellar SupportLogic team under Krishna's leadership has built a remarkable platform that is helping the best enterprises manage escalations, backlog, and case routing. We are thrilled to now work together to enable more businesses to deliver best-in-class experiences for their customers and agents," said Harish Batlapenumarthy, Founder and CEO, Emtropy Labs.

Large language models such as ChatGPT have been receiving a lot of attention lately. However, many B2B companies may not have access to the large amounts of data required to train machine learning models for their specific data. By combining Emtropy Lab's specialized AI models with SupportLogic's access to large amounts of global data, customers will be able to achieve high-quality results even when working with limited data.