ServiceNow’s Now Assist Redefines Self-Service with Intelligent Conversations

ServiceNow has unveiled its latest generative AI solution - Now Assist for Virtual Agent - to enhance self-service experiences by enabling more intelligent and natural conversations. Now Assist for Virtual Agent is a part of ServiceNow's broader strategy to integrate generative AI throughout the Now Platform, enabling its customers to leverage scalable intelligence, streamline digital workflows, and achieve simplified and optimized operations.

“We’re building generative AI into our platform so customers can maximize their ROI: ‘return on intelligence.’ This is all about thoughtful, high-trust co-innovation as we find the balance between machine speed and human judgment. Enhanced by our strategic partnerships with NVIDIA and Microsoft, we are engineering smarter, fully automated workflows. We help our customers innovate completely new business models on ServiceNow as the intelligent platform for end-to-end digital transformation,” said Bill McDermott, Chairman and CEO, ServiceNow.

Generative AI-powered Now Assist for Virtual Agent introduces a more direct and conversational approach to answering user queries, by seamlessly integrating with digital workflows across the Now Platform. When a user poses a question, Now Assist for Virtual Agent utilizes generative AI to provide relevant and concise responses within the conversation. This immediate access to information includes internal code snippets for product and engineering teams, product visuals or videos, document links, or summaries of knowledge base articles. By leveraging ServiceNow's cross-department and system capabilities, the Virtual Agent can accurately converse and assist users, even when they are unsure about whom to ask or where to begin.

“Now Assist for Virtual Agent is a powerful organic complement to the generative AI capabilities ServiceNow has already started to roll out. By embedding generative AI into the Now Platform, we are empowering our customers to radically improve productivity and realize the true potential of enterprise-grade AI,” said CJ Desai, President and Chief Operating Officer at ServiceNow.

Now Assist for Virtual Agent creates intelligent conversational experiences   

With the Virtual Agent Designer, businesses can effortlessly create generative AI-powered intelligent conversational experiences, as the platform offers a low-code, drag-and-drop environment that enables easy configuration of virtual agents.

By integrating direct access to general-purpose large language models (LLMs) like Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service LLM or OpenAI API, businesses can provide end-users with a safe and convenient way to supplement general answers, eliminating the need for users to search through multiple knowledge base articles manually.

In real-time conversations, Now Assist for Virtual Agent delivers immediate and tailored responses to user questions. These responses are formatted to provide the most suitable information, including text, links, images, videos, and relevant excerpts from knowledge-base articles.

The Now Assist for Virtual Agent relies on the ServiceNow Generative AI Controller, which serves as the foundational technology for all generative AI capabilities on the Now Platform. This Controller enables seamless integration of ServiceNow instances with both Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service LLM and OpenAI API. It also offers pre-built actions that facilitate faster automation of intelligent workflows.

Now Assist for Virtual Agent combines the power of the Generative AI Controller with Now Assist for Search, creating connected generative AI experiences across the Now Platform. Now Assist for Search pulls information from the customer's environment, ensuring that accurate results are provided while maintaining robust security measures within the Now Platform, and minimizing the chances of errors or misleading information.

Generative AI-powered Now Platform 

For several years, ServiceNow has made significant investments in AI, seamlessly integrating it into the Now Platform to streamline and enhance digital workflows. Recently, ServiceNow has unveiled various generative AI advancements, including a collaboration with NVIDIA to develop customized large language models (LLMs) specifically for workflow automation. These innovations extend the application of generative AI to various use cases across IT departments, customer service teams, employees, and developers.


Now Assist for Virtual Agent and Now Assist for Search are currently accessible to a select group of customers and are scheduled to be widely available in September 2023.