UserTesting Announces New Product Updates

UserTesting has announced product updates to its Human Insight Platform, which include easier user access to high-value content through workspaces, a new screener guidance feature, and machine learning enhancements. The new updates aim to improve productivity and collaboration across teams within an organization.

“As the business world faces continued uncertainties, business agility is critical. Having access to direct customer feedback enables organizations to remain agile. Customer insights give them a competitive advantage, and the nimbleness to adapt to the ever-evolving business landscape. UserTesting is focused on ensuring companies succeed in business by having access to the forward-looking insights they need to build the best products and experiences for their customers today, and tomorrow,” said Michelle Engle, Chief Product Officer at UserTesting.

New workspace experience

UserTesting has enabled individual users to quickly discover high-value content through an updated view of tests, drafts, and highlight reels within a scalable and tailored experience.

Now, users can check the status of the most recent content on their workspace page, the ability to get back quickly to the most recent tests being worked on, and have newly generated highlight reels pushed to a specific workspace page.

Moreover, more permission controls enable users to hide workspaces based on different levels of user access. The hidden workspaces make onboarding teams and clients simple while ensuring the right level of access and visibility is assigned to the right people.

Organizations from industries such as healthcare or finance can use hidden workspaces to limit access to only approved workspace members, ensuring the security of sensitive information.

Screener guidance

The latest screener guidance feature allows users to see which screener questions are slowing test fulfillment, enabling them to understand screener criteria pass rates better.

The new release also brings machine learning-powered enhancements to its transcription and sentiment analysis features. These latest updates expand the ability to access valuable human insights more quickly, accurately, and securely–further enabling companies to be able to better interpret and understand how their target audiences feel and why.

Improved machine learning accuracy

UserTesting continues to invest in machine learning capabilities to improve the accuracy of testing data in the latest product update as well. Improved machine learning algorithms efficiently analyze transcript content and detect relevant transcript data and filter out non-relevant transcript data. These capabilities also improve sentiment analysis and the application of smart tags to reduce the effort needed for researchers to analyze data.