KPMG and Acquia Team Up to Drive Digital Experience Transformation

KPMG and Acquia have joined forces to provide the Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (Acquia DXP) to enterprise clients across various industries, enabling marketing, content, and IT teams to develop customized, secure digital experiences at scale and make them accessible on any digital platform.

Acquia DXP assists brands in achieving omnichannel engagement by providing a platform to create, manage, deliver, and optimize content-driven experiences that resonate with their customers.

“As pressure intensifies on marketers to win customers and keep them engaged, they’re looking for a platform to bring together insights from first-party customer data and content. We’ve already worked with Acquia to provide their customer data platform to support data-driven marketing. Moving forward, we anticipate Acquia DXP will become a key offering for KPMG clients looking to leverage customer insights and content across touchpoints,” said Jason Galloway, US Marketing Consulting Practice Lead, KPMG LLP.

The KPMG LLP Customer Advisory team will now offer services to customize Acquia DXP according to the needs of clients as part of the new partnership. Acquia DXP consists of foundational products, such as the open source content management system Drupal, Acquia Cloud Platform, the company's customer data platform, personalization features for real-time customer behavior analysis, and its digital asset management system, all of which allow marketers to create data-driven experiences that enhance customer engagement by using them individually or in combination.

“KPMG’s focus on guiding marketing and IT teams to create solutions that meet their precise business needs makes them an ideal collaborator for Acquia. Acquia DXP’s openness enables organizations to not only better connect with customers, but to maximize the value of investments in other martech, e-commerce, and productivity tools. This alliance brings the power of data-driven customer insights and best-in-class digital experience creation and management to marketers,” said Steve Reny, President and CEO of Acquia.

Elsewhere, Acquia has recently introduced new integrations for its digital asset management platform, Acquia DAM.