LiveVox to Boost Contact Center Performance and ROI with the Latest Update

Cloud-based CCaaS platform LiveVox has announced the launch of LV19, the latest version of its platform. The new release aims to make it easier for contact center professionals to create smooth customer journeys while improving agent productivity and effectiveness. The new features include LiveVox Happiness Index, LiveVox Connect, LiveVox Agent Assist, and Customer Journey Analytics.

“Leading a contact center is harder than ever - the way customers want to communicate is changing rapidly and managers are under increasing pressure. With LV19, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to helping our clients navigate these challenges. This latest release empowers contact center leaders to take control of performance and implement game-changing customer engagement strategies. I’m especially excited about how we are transforming the Agent Experience with intelligent AI and automation and advanced communication and collaboration tools, crucial for creating exceptional customer experiences, especially with remote work being more prevalent,” said John DiLullo, CEO of LiveVox.

LiveVox Happiness Index 

LiveVox has introduced a new method for gaining insights into customers through the LiveVox Happiness Index. This tool enables real-time tracking of conversation sentiment during customer interactions and provides a comprehensive sentiment score for each customer's entire interaction history. This data can then be used to trigger and configure segmented campaigns, improved call routing, etc.

LiveVox Connect 

In addition, LiveVox has introduced LiveVox Connect, a collaborative tool that combines the most effective elements of industry-standard collaboration tools with real-time prioritization. The tool enables seamless communication across teams, departments, managers, and agents by connecting dispersed staff and keeping them aligned, engaged, and focused on their tasks.

LiveVox Agent Assist 

The company has also launched LiveVox Agent Assist, a tool designed to improve agent efficiency by leveraging real-time speech analytics. This tool provides agents with real-time call transcripts, automated summaries of post-call notes, assistance during conversations, alerts, and other useful features, ensuring a smoother interaction between agents and customers.

LiveVox guarantees improved platform uptime and security through its fully public cloud platform and advanced security protocols designed for enterprise-grade protection.

Customer Journey Analytics  

LiveVox's Customer Journey Analytics enables customer service professionals to identify all touchpoints and paths that lead to specific outcomes, such as issue resolution, bill payment, or a sale. Integrating ticketing data and drilling into customer profiles and other underlying information allows for a comprehensive analysis that offers deep insights into customer behavior and operations.