Low-Code Transformation Platform Prophecy Launches New Products that Utilize Proprietary Enterprise Data

Low-code data transformation platform Prophecy has introduced two new products: the Prophecy Generative AI Platform and Prophecy Data Copilot. The Prophecy Generative AI Platform enables organizations to implement generative AI applications using their proprietary enterprise data easily. On the other hand, the Prophecy Data Copilot is an AI assistant designed to automatically generate data pipelines in response to natural language prompts.

“We are seeing tremendous results from building applications that combine enterprise data with off-the-shelf LLM models. Our belief is that for the vast majority of enterprise use cases, the era of hiring machine learning engineers who train proprietary models, or specialized LLMs is over. Now all you will need is a private knowledge warehouse that provides private context along with questions and the LLMs give very relevant answers. With Prophecy’s new platform release, a data or application engineer can build an application like a support-bot on private data in a week,“ said Raj Bains, Co-Founder and CEO, Prophecy.

The Prophecy Generative AI platform  

Existing generative AI applications primarily rely on publicly available data, which restricts their ability to address organization-specific inquiries.

The Prophecy Generative AI Platform aims to democratize AI adoption for technical and non-technical teams by enabling every user within an organization to harness the potential of generative AI using their enterprise data. Additionally, the platform accelerates the process of developing generative AI applications that utilize enterprise data.

By harnessing the extensive scope of enterprise data, the platform also facilitates a wide range of use cases.

“We see generative AI based copilots making low-code the default way to build applications and data pipelines in enterprises. We already see a 30-40% productivity boost from low-code adoption in our customer base, that coupled with another 30-40% from copilots will make starting with code financially untenable for the majority of enterprise use cases. The future of enterprise development is definitely copilot powered low-code, and we’re excited to see our customers get this boost as they adopt Prophecy Data Copilot,” said Maciej Szpakowski, Co-Founder, Prophecy.

Prophecy Data Copilot  

Prophecy Data Copilot democratizes the creation and delivery of data products, which heavily rely on data transformations. By leveraging natural language descriptions, users can easily articulate their desired transformations. Copilot translates these prompts into visual components, transformation logic, and code within the Prophecy platform.

Additionally, the Prophecy Data Copilot enhances the efficiency and quality of pipeline creation processes. By suggesting data tests, it ensures comprehensive test coverage, thereby boosting confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the data. Moreover, the copilot recommends the appropriate transformations to minimize errors during data joining, filtering, and aggregation operations.

The copilot prevents data misuse by automatically generating descriptions for data pipelines and datasets. This includes detailed explanations of how specific columns were computed, providing transparency and understanding of the data transformation process.