Real-Time Guidance Platform Balto Joins the Five9 Marketplace

Real-time guidance platform Balto is now available on the Five9 CX Marketplace, enabling Five9 customers to embed AI-powered call guidance into the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center.

The integration brings Balto's new unified experience directly to Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center, without the need for technical or IT interference.

"Five9's investment in AI technologies and user experience over the last five years has made an undeniable impact on the contact center space. Balto is proud to partner with Five9 to put agent experience, easy-to-use interfaces, and best-in-class systems at the forefront of the modern contact center," said Marc Bernstein, Balto CEO.

Balto's real-time guidance platform provides the next-best actions to agents during customer calls.

The app 'rides' along with the agent on the side of their screen and picks up the audio, analyzing what the agent has said so far. Then, based on the information exchanged, the app provides a smart checklist of items that serve as a reminder.

Another useful feature is Dynamic Prompts which advises agents on what to say in critical situations, for example, when customers have concerns. Dynamic Prompts offers a list of answers that would encourage a positive call outcome.

In addition, the platform provides Real-Time Coaching to help managers support their agents in critical moments.

US Customer Experience Awards 2023

James Southworth, Senior Director, Partner AI Strategies at Five9, said: "Great customer experiences cannot happen without first looking at the agent experience.

"Providing agents with the tools they need to easily navigate customer interactions is paramount to contact center success. We are excited to offer our customers Balto's real-time guidance solutions to empower agents to have excellent conversations that drive bottom-line impact on each call."

On its website, Balto provides side-by-side comparisons of its platform against those of competitors, namely, CallMiner,, and Cogito, touting its versatility and strong attention to detail.