Deloitte and ServiceNow Extend Partnership to Drive Business Transformation

Deloitte and ServiceNow have extended their partnership to merge Now Assist generative AI features with Deloitte's advanced managed services. This collaboration aims to deliver comprehensive managed services, referred to as Operate services, by leveraging Deloitte's industry expertise and knowledge along with ServiceNow's generative AI-powered enterprise platform. Additionally, Deloitte plans to use ServiceNow's platform to expand the reach of their client Operate services globally.

“Deloitte’s commitment to enhance their service offerings with ServiceNow’s Now Assist generative AI capabilities demonstrates its market-leading innovation on behalf of customers around the world. This kind of co-development creates a fly-wheel effect for businesses – more use cases drive more workflow automation. Together, ServiceNow and Deloitte can deliver superior digital transformation to help customers in every industry improve their business,” said Bill McDermott, Chairman and CEO, ServiceNow.

Deloitte's Operate services are focused on assisting clients in effectively handling their day-to-day operational and technological requirements. This is achieved by improving technology applications, cloud infrastructure, and other key areas, all while providing continuous advisory, data, and analytics support to ensure clients surpass their business transformation goals.

“With generative AI at the heart of our expanded alliance, Deloitte and ServiceNow are positioned to help organizations realize their business transformation agendas through end-to-end Operate solutions. Leading organizations are seeking industry-tailored technology solutions to accelerate the time to value, which is exactly what our expanded alliance will deliver,” said Joe Ucuzoglu, Global CEO, Deloitte.

Expanding Operate services to boost productivity and streamline engagement  

OperateEdge, Deloitte's exclusive Operate management and delivery platform, combines data, tools, and knowledge rooted in Deloitte's methodologies, industry norms, and top-tier AI practices. By utilizing ServiceNow as the platform to expand client Operate services on a global scale, various industries and business sectors can anticipate significant improvements:

Incident management leads to a substantial boost in productivity and enhanced user experience by expediting issue resolutions. It can result in a 20 to 30 percent increase in efficiency across the service delivery spectrum.

Additionally, customer service management facilitates the entire customer engagement process, generating quick summaries from cases and chats, thereby reducing manual work for agents.

HR service delivery enhances agent productivity and expedites case resolution for employees, ultimately improving the overall experience by incorporating generative AI capabilities in Case and Knowledge Management.

Transformation across sectors  

The collaboration aims to drive transformation across various industries and business sectors by leveraging Deloitte's industry expertise and ServiceNow's global scalability.

The collaboration enhances supply chain and manufacturing functions by leveraging AI-driven assets to optimize quality, cycle times, asset efficiency, and cost across the supply chain.

It also streamlines operations and technology capabilities using specialized talent and advanced technologies to accelerate organizational transformation objectives.

Moreover, it will transform core healthcare processes, such as clinical operations, patient engagement, supply chain management, and administrative cost reduction, through analytics and AI-driven operations.

Utilizing data and generative AI will manage sustainability initiatives, policies, and compliance, with a focus on sustainable logistics, carbon emissions reduction, and progress toward sustainability and climate goals.

‘’This is an exciting step in our combined Deloitte and ServiceNow AI journey where we are continuing to bring together leading, unique industry assets and services that help address complex challenges that clients need to overcome, with a dedicated ServiceNow Assets & Solutions group (ASG) of professionals, unlocking more value from their investments with speed, scale and insight,’’ said Asish Ramchandran, Deloitte’s Chief Commercial Officer for the ServiceNow alliance.

Elsewhere, Deloitte has expanded its capabilities in the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to create and offer clients advanced Generative AI solutions.