Medallia Unveils Advanced Market Research Tool

Medallia has introduced Medallia Agile Research, a revolutionary self-service advanced market research tool that seamlessly integrates into the Medallia Experience Cloud, providing organizations with a comprehensive platform to gauge and dissect consumer, market, and brand insights.

“The introduction of Medallia Agile Research brings an intuitive, easy to use, self-service market research solution to companies who want to move quickly to conduct market and competitive research, and iterate changes quickly, without invalidating the historical data of their customer retention and customer experience platform. The world's most trusted and admired brands already use Medallia to power their customer and employee experience programs and by providing them a completely self-service tool in Agile Research, they can obtain cost savings by not having to leverage separate platforms for market research,” said Simonetta Turek, Chief Product Officer at Medallia.

Medallia Agile Research is meticulously designed for self-service, enabling researchers to create and iterate on-demand surveys swiftly. Whether it's for competitive analysis, brand/product research, or one-off surveys, this tool enables organizations to delve into any topic with agility, all while safeguarding the integrity of their historical data.

Advanced analysis for actionable insights 

Going beyond simple analysis, Medallia Agile Research equips researchers with advanced statistical tools to unearth profound insights. By dissecting data at a granular level, businesses can identify underlying trends and patterns, thereby recommending actionable strategies that yield tangible ROI.

By seamlessly integrating Agile Research within the Medallia Experience Cloud, businesses can reap a multitude of benefits. This includes cost savings through consolidating high-cost platforms and internalizing agency-driven research studies. Moreover, the platform's DIY surveys deliver rapid, high-quality insights, ensuring brand teams stay abreast of market dynamics and enhance customer loyalty.

Global reach  

Medallia Agile Research offers access to millions of respondents worldwide across 80+ languages through a third-party panel. In addition, by breaking down organizational silos and consolidating insights from disparate sources, businesses can foster a unified approach to customer data analysis, all within the Medallia Experience Cloud.

Just a few days ago, Medallia unveiled four AI innovations during its Experience '24 conference, poised to transform the personalization of customer and employee experiences.