Clari Introduces Integration Hub to Help Businesses Drive Revenue

Revenue platform Clari has introduced the Clari Integration Hub, which is a central source for gathering and organizing essential revenue signals from over 40 integrated technologies and solutions throughout the revenue ecosystem. With Clari's Revenue Platform, these signals are analyzed and presented to support revenue-generating activities.

“Optimizing time to revenue is achieved.ed when people, processes, and systems work seamlessly together. This means discovering blind spots, aligning tools and processes, and ensuring always-on collaboration between teams. Clari is revenue's most open and collaborative platform that, together with our strategic partners, delivers a centralized revenue cockpit with unprecedented visibility to capture, analyze, and act on all revenue signals — in the revenue-critical moments that matter most — so you can stop revenue leak in its tracks and accelerate time to revenue,” said Andy Byrne, CEO at Clari.

The Clari Integration Hub serves as a unifying force, bringing together cross-functional teams and their respective best-in-class systems, consolidating all critical revenue signals into the Clari Revenue Platform. This creates an environment where everyone in the organization can respond quickly and effectively to revenue-critical situations, ensuring consistent and predictable revenue capture.

The Clari Integration Hub brings together partner solutions and strategies that span the entire revenue process, with the aim of improving and expediting time to revenue. The platform includes updated or new integrations with critical partners, such as:

  • Gainsight: Allows users to access account health data to identify potential risks and opportunities, facilitating long-term customer success.

  • Crossbeam: Assists sellers in visualizing the partnership landscape, empowering them to utilize all possible avenues of influence to drive revenue growth more rapidly.

  • Momentum: Integrates with Slack-based notifications to communicate critical deal attributes quickly, promoting better revenue collaboration.

  • Groove: Leverages sales productivity data to improve future customer interactions and ensure precise revenue management.

“More than ever, pre-sales and post-sales teams must be in lock-step across the entire customer journey. Aligning customer success and revenue operations teams and systems is critical to staying on top of customer satisfaction, adoption, and value creation – helping to keep existing customers while also spotting land-and-expand opportunities. By integrating Gainsight with Clari, we’re helping our customers execute a dual retention and expansion strategy that maximizes revenue,” said Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight.

To meet the requirements of all employees involved in revenue generation, Clari is offering and developing integrations with partners across more than 15 revenue categories and use cases for collaboration, conversation intelligence, CRM, and more.