Merkle Unveils Global Messaging Solution  

Merkle has unveiled Intelligent Messaging, a comprehensive solution designed to harmonize brand experiences across various channels by blending AI assistance and human interaction. This offering ensures seamless conversational interactions throughout the customer journey, spanning social media platforms and messaging services.

"Brands are seeking ways to make experiences more personal, make shopping more seamless, and shorten the path to purchase. Our new global solution, Intelligent Messaging, can be seamlessly integrated into existing plans, enabling brands to forge deeper connections with customers, enhance customer satisfaction, and generate lifetime value," said James Riess, SVP, General Manager, loyalty and messaging experience at Merkle.

Structured across six core service domains 

Intelligent Messaging, a pivotal component of Merkle's acclaimed CRM & Messaging portfolio, is structured across six core service domains:

  • Intelligent Messaging Blueprint: Tailored strategies to shape future marketing endeavors and enhance customer experiences.
  • Conversational Design & Experiences: Crafting meaningful messaging through intuitive persona development, fluid conversation flows, and behavior-driven interactions.
  • AI + Human-Powered Assistance: Leveraging AI-driven chatbots, synthetic humans, and a dedicated human team to enhance support and performance 24/7.
  • Click to Message Ads and Marketing Messages: Facilitating seamless transitions from ads to personalized 1:1 messaging on platforms like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, fostering continuous engagement and lead generation.
  • Technology Integration: Effortlessly integrating with leading e-commerce and CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Adobe, and Braze for enhanced efficiency.
  • First-To-Market Advantage: Merkle's partnership with Meta grants early access to alpha and beta products, ensuring tailored solutions for driving innovation and growth.

Dentsu and Meta  

In addition, dentsu and Meta have recently partnered to introduce the global Meta Messaging Alliance, offering clients exclusive access to cutting-edge Meta Business Messaging platforms. As the inaugural global agency network solution provider for WhatsApp Business, dentsu, and Merkle extend unparalleled opportunities for clients to leverage this channel's immense engagement and conversion potential, streamlining seamless customer journeys across media, engagement, and service touchpoints.

"Intelligent Messaging seamlessly integrates media and CRM, providing a holistic approach to customer interaction. By leveraging advanced technology, businesses can meet consumers in their preferred communication channels and deliver connected and personalized experiences, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. We were excited to see the solution deliver increased engagement, conversion, and zero-party data collection with our clients William Grant & Sons and WWF in collaboration with dentsu X, Carat, and iProspect," said Val Vacante, VP Solutions Innovation, dentsu.

In other news, Merkle has introduced a new worldwide accelerator tailored for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, enabling brands to swiftly adopt a contemporary, API-centric, and composable architecture.