ModSquad Unveils Department X

Digital engagement services company ModSquad has revealed Department X, a new division within the company whose goal will be creating compelling interactions for customers, its staff, and associates. CX professional Rich Weil has been given a new role as a CXO, becoming the leader of the new group.

"Consumers are experiencing brands through many digital channels that make up today's world. Department X deepens our investment and resources in CX innovations, best practices, and services. This ensures our clients create excellent experiences with their audiences and consumers. Rich's understanding of how technology and human ingenuity can create moments that matter for consumers is exactly what is needed to lead this team," said Amy Pritchard, CEO and Founder of ModSquad.

Department X aims to offer quality services and ensure client satisfaction for ModSquad's customer experience services. The group will oversee the training and assistance of the company's global team of Mods, who play a crucial role in their services. ModSquad aims to deliver authentic experiences for its clients' stakeholders, including customers, employees, partners, and communities, by providing assistance, safety, community, and social engagement.

US Customer Experience Awards 2023

"Many companies believe CX services like customer support, moderation, engagement, and community management have one formula for success. Nothing could be farther from the truth.Whether it is a matter of process, changing trends, or new technology, it's crucial to evolve and examine one's CX strategy and tactics constantly. At ModSquad, we are uniquely positioned to see these changes coming down the pike and make our clients aware of them. I am honored to lead the team in charge of helping our clients manage these changes and maximize their investment in CX," said Rich Weil, CXO at ModSquad.

More About ModSquad

Since its foundation in 2007, ModSquad, formerly known as Metaverse Mod Squad, has undergone significant change and was ahead of its time in promoting the remote work movement. In light of the pandemic, as many companies struggled to maintain engagement with their stakeholders, ModSquad provided established methods and services for all of its clients.

During this period, the company introduced new solutions for remote work to ensure the safety and security of client data. One such solution, Cubeless, a proprietary technology for securing remote work and safeguarding customer and client information, has enabled companies to quickly adapt to hybrid and remote work models. Now, with the addition of Department X, the company continues to push the boundaries in customer experience services.