MoEngage Brings Real-Time Alerts to Customers with New Launch

Insights-driven customer engagement platform MoEngage has launched a new product - MoEngage Inform, a unified messaging infrastructure that lets brands create and manage real-time, multichannel alerts through one API.

MoEngage Inform enables companies to send real-time, time-sensitive transactional alerts such as order or booking confirmation after purchase, one-time passwords (OTPs) for approving transactions or logging in securely, and more.

Because Inform is part of the MoEngage Customer Engagement Platform, companies can leverage one unified view to manage all customer messaging and notifications, and collect insights to inform future decisions.

"As organizations grow, their messaging and communication needs become more complex. With MoEngage Inform, engineering teams can focus on delivering core offerings instead of building backend infrastructures, and product and marketing teams can deliver critical transactional alerts without breaking customer experiences," said Raviteja Dodda, CEO and Co-Founder of MoEngage.
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The features

Inform contains a single API which requires a one-time setup, allowing product and marketing teams to take control with virtually no IT support. The capability also supports more than 30 providers and integrates with any communication channel.

Moreover, to prevent siloed customer experience and limited visibility into customers' actions, Inform provides notifications to companies on whether a customer has already received and acted on an alert across multiple channels.

In addition, an advanced algorithm uses AI to determine what channels each customer prefers to receive critical alerts on, adding an extra layer of personalization to an experience.

With out-of-the-box templates, brands can create new alerts in minutes and deliver them in no more than 5 seconds. Then, a built-in fallback mechanism ensures critical alerts are delivered on other channels without disruptions.

The new capability also promises improved data security and reporting as companies can access unified notification logs and delivery reports across channels, making identifying and debugging issues easier.