Need a Platform for Building any Enterprise Conversation Scenario? Moveworks Has Just the Thing

Where do your employees look for information on the status of a purchase order? Or when they need to update an account in a CRM, who are they going to ask for help? In most cases, admins and service owners would be the first stop for these kinds of inquiries. But what if an application could help them solve all that?

That is exactly what the new Creator Studio from Moveworks enables employees to do. The no-code generative AI platform can create any use case in minutes by leveraging advanced large language models (LLMs). The no-code part is the feature that lets anyone, regardless of the department or expertise, create conversational AI use cases, search for info, or take action across applications enterprise-wide.

"With Creator Studio, we are finally empowering service owners to automate their repetitive tasks within minutes using the power of generative AI,” said Varun Singh, Founder and President of Moveworks.

A copilot for your employees

Moveworks built Creator Studio to allow organizations to save time and improve communication by employing generative AI. Organizations today use hundreds of cloud-based applications and systems, and it's easy to forget how to navigate each one. To remedy this, Creator Studio uses language as the universal interface for every system and workflow across the enterprise.

Being department, industry, language, and platform agnostic, Creator Studio can connect to any system across the entire business. Users can set Paths, Queries, and Events to help employees find what they need.

Paths enable service owners to build new conversational flows and link them with any system for automation, removing the need for dialogue flows. It harnesses the power of generative AI and best-in-class LLMs, like GPT 3.5 and GPT-4, to improve accuracy and reduce hallucinations. The trick is that users can simply describe the use case they want to set, and the platform will generate it for them.

With Queries, employees no longer need to switch between apps to stay informed. For example, if a sales director is looking for the latest status of a deal in the CRM, Queries will provide the right data right then and there.

Finally, Events ensure that all important dates are never missed, from employee anniversaries to birthdays. Events can integrate with any app to streamline notifications but send timely actionable recommendations.

And the best part? With Creator Studio, users only need to build each use case once and deploy it everywhere. Each new use case will be added to every collaboration tool, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Web. The platform also includes support for various modes of communication, like text, voice, and image, with translation in over 100 languages.