Kore.ai AgentAssist Is Now Available on Salesforce AppExchange

Kore.ai has unveiled its new product Kore.ai AgentAssist for Service Cloud Voice on Salesforce AppExchange. AgentAssist enables users to leverage the power of AI-driven virtual assistants to manage lead generation and sales processes using a conversational interface. By using voice and text commands, users can access applications more easily and quickly, as the virtual assistants can process requests and present information in real-time.

 Kore.ai AgentAssist for Service Cloud Voice 

Kore.ai's launch of AgentAssist on Service Cloud Voice is expected to significantly enhance the productivity of contact centers. It will automate manual tasks and provide real-time support to agents as they interact with customers. With access to contextual information and suggestions for the best course of action, agents can offer a better customer experience by leveraging AI.

Kore.ai's intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) are equipped with natural language understanding and contextual intelligence, which allows them to recognize user intent, sentiment, and tone.

"The world is fast moving toward an AI-first framework, and we want to provide the best AI solutions to every Salesforce CRM user through this partnership. The Kore.ai open architecture and no-code platform framework enables an easy integration that brings the benefits of multichannel, conversational experience to Salesforce's exceptional CRM processes. This transforms customer engagement, automation and user interactions with enterprise systems in ways unforeseen before bringing absolute delight," said Kore.ai CEO and Founder Raj Koneru.

Meanwhile, Kore.ai has also recently integrated its conversational AI XO Platform into Zendesk Sunshine Conversations to provide intelligent virtual assistants that can automate up to 90% of customer service requests, streamlining the customer service process.