Moveworks Releases Employee Experience Insights Solution

Employee experience software provider Moveworks has launched Employee Experience Insights (EXI), an analytics solution that provides insights into common roadblocks and issues employees face in their daily work.

The AI-powered solution uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and machine learning to analyze data coming from users' ITMS systems. For example, the solution can process and provide answers to support tickets, necessary apps employees need to use, and similar requests, all in real-time.

Employee Experience Insights also speeds up approvals and automates distribution lists, account permissions, and device actions, by categorizing 100% of company tickets. Users can filter employee requests by departments, user groups, tenure, and more, to form employee personas.

Moreover, the solution uses Moveworks' NLU models which are trained on three different sources: language models, employee support requests, and customer data.

Moveworks platform is built on language models like BERT and GPT to be able to interpret the smallest nuances of human language. Using these, the platform can discern how employees communicate in their day-to-day work environments from the communication style in their personal lives.

As each company has its own unique language, like the name of its Wi-Fi network, or the titles of each employee, Moveworks is programmed to detect what the employee needs in their own environment based on each customer’s unique entities.

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Senior technology decision-makers can leverage Employee Experience Insights to gain a detailed overview of the biggest issues employees are facing, and remove inefficiencies through data sharing. This way they can provide access to all the necessary tools and technology to employees and drive productivity from the get-go.

Bhavin Shah, CEO of Moveworks, said: “Every help desk is sitting on a treasure trove of information that could prevent future issues, before they happen.”

“But business leaders have not yet been able to extract value from this data because the majority of AI models fail to understand the vast ambiguity of human language. Recent advancements in NLU have changed that — and it’s a milestone that will fundamentally change the way business leaders make decisions moving forward.”

Moveworks' customers include Databricks, Medallia, and Slack.