New Idomoo Plugin Turns Any ChatGPT Response into a Video

Video platform Idomoo's official ChatGPT plugin, the Lucas AI Video Creator, is streamlining the process of converting text into video content. With this plugin, users can effortlessly turn any ChatGPT response into a fully functional video within seconds.

Lucas AI Video Creator takes a basic text prompt and generates a unique video, complete with essential elements like the script, voiceover, visuals, and an interactive Call to Action (CTA) button, making text-to-video creation more accessible and efficient than ever before.

“Lucas is an AI agent who brings together multiple technologies to create each video, including text-to-speech, AI imagery and more. Now with our integration for ChatGPT, even more users can leverage this powerful tool to create engaging and effective videos instantly, no technical skills needed,” said Danny Kalish, CTO and co-founder, Idomoo.

Plugins like Lucas go beyond ChatGPT's traditional text responses, enabling a wide range of functions such as video creation, hotel reservations, and grocery orders. These plugins are accessible to users of GPT-4 and are included in the ChatGPT Plus subscription.

The Lucas plugin's advantages 

Users don't need design, video editing, or content structuring expertise. They can quickly modify the voiceover, soundtrack, colors, and fonts, all through a simple drop-down menu or by uploading their own media.

In addition, Lucas doesn't just piece together stock footage, but it injects creativity into videos with graphics and animations in various styles, ensuring a high-quality result. It operates on Idomoo's Next Generation Video Platform, which can produce videos up to 100 times faster than real-time rendering.

For each text prompt, Lucas generates multiple video options in different styles, giving users a variety of choices to select from.

Up until now, Lucas has generated hundreds of thousands of videos for small and medium-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individual users. Furthermore, Lucas continues to enhance its capabilities with the introduction of new styles, added features like saved history, and ongoing improvements.

“As Lucas learns new skills, those will be immediately available to ChatGPT users who take advantage of this plugin. By integrating with ChatGPT, we’re excited to see Lucas reach even more people with the magic of instant, easy text-to-video generation,” said Dan Shamir, VP of Innovation at Idomoo.