UserTesting Introduces Streamlined Customer Insights, Enhancing Human Understanding in Product Development

UserTesting has unveiled new product updates for its UserTesting Human Insight Platform, UserZoom UX Research Platform, and EnjoyHQ Platform. These updates aim to streamline the process of capturing and sharing valuable insights, making them more accessible and actionable. By enhancing the ability to gather and disseminate customer insights, these updates will help organizations develop a better understanding of their customers.

“UserTesting is focused on supporting organizations as they continue to build human insight into their daily workflows and business processes. Once we committed to merge our companies, the entire team here at UserTesting has been focused on product innovation, and bringing together the best of our offerings into a robust, end-to-end platform for experience research and insights,”said Michelle Engle, Chief Product Officer at UserTesting.

UserTesting Human Insight Platform  updates

UserTesting's Human Insight Platform has introduced new enhancements that enable teams to seamlessly incorporate direct customer feedback into their existing tools and solutions throughout the product development journey. This integration fosters a shared understanding of customer needs, facilitating the creation of customer-centric experiences.

The updates include:

  • Video-based customer feedback can now be embedded in collaborative tools like FigJam, Miro, and InVision. This allows teams to watch feedback together, sparking ideas and facilitating customer-driven decision-making.

  • Jira Product Discovery can now leverage UserTesting videos to support product discovery, aiding ideation and prioritization efforts.

  • Behavioral patterns on websites can be viewed through Contentsquare, connecting them directly to insights from UserTesting. This synergy offers a deeper level of context and understanding, enhancing the overall understanding of customer behaviors and preferences.

The tree testing feature has been upgraded to offer more effective methods for identifying common areas of confusion, enhancing website navigation, and ultimately improving the overall customer experience. With these enhancements, customers can now effortlessly explore and correlate results with video-based feedback from contributors.

UserZoom UX Research Platform updates  

The video clip management experience has been enhanced, making it simple to merge clips and create highlight reels. These reels can then be saved, edited, tracked, and shared with ease. This improvement allows teams to capture unfiltered and contextualized insights, enabling them to observe nuanced expressions and develop a deeper sense of empathy for their customers.

The introduction of moderated auto-recruitment for French participants offers a time-saving solution for companies seeking to conduct live interviews.

EnjoyHQ Platform updates  

The EnjoyHQ Platform has introduced several enhancements to improve user experience and collaboration.

The new user-friendly home page enables users to access essential insights and initiate projects swiftly and effortlessly.

To enhance data security and content governance, new workspace permissions will soon be available. This feature allows organizations to assign specific user permissions for different workspaces, protecting sensitive documents and ensuring proper control over content access.

In addition, real-time collaboration capabilities allow teams to work together seamlessly on editable documents. With automatic real-time saving of changes, teams can collaborate live and gain alignment during the asset creation process, fostering cross-functional collaboration and encouraging early buy-in, streamlining the overall collaboration experience within the platform.