OpenAI Startup Fund and Thrive Global Launch an AI Health Coach

The OpenAI Startup Fund and Thrive Global have joined forces to establish Thrive AI Health, a company dedicated to creating an AI health coach. The aim of Thrive AI Health is to leverage AI to provide expert-level health coaching to a broad audience, to improve health outcomes, and to address health disparities by focusing on behavior change to combat chronic diseases.

The funding for this initiative comes from the OpenAI Startup Fund and Thrive Global, with the Alice L. Walton Foundation as a strategic investor, highlighting Thrive AI Health’s commitment to health equity.

"So much of the conversation around AI has been about how much time it will save us and how productive it will make us. But AI could go well beyond efficiency and optimization to something much more fundamental: improving both our health spans and our lifespans. Because health is also what happens between doctor visits. In the same way the New Deal built out physical infrastructure to transform the country, AI will serve as part of the critical infrastructure of a much more effective health care system that supports everyday people's health in an ongoing way. These are some of the ideas behind Thrive AI Health," said Sam Altman and Arianna Huffington in an op-ed in TIME.

DeCarlos Love, who previously led health and fitness initiatives at Google, will serve as CEO of Thrive AI Health.

"Thrive AI Health Coach is the product to solve the limitations of current AI and LLM-based solutions by providing personalized, proactive, and data-driven coaching across the five daily behaviors. This is how it will improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and significantly impact chronic diseases worldwide," said DeCarlos Love, Thrive AI Health CEO.

Thrive AI Health plans to use generative AI to provide hyper-personalized behavior change coaching across five critical health behaviors: sleep, nutrition, fitness, stress management, and social connections. By promoting healthier habits in these areas, individuals can significantly improve their health outcomes.

A prevention and treatment optimization tool 

The Thrive AI Health Coach will function as a prevention and treatment optimization tool, leveraging an AI personal context engine to understand users and generate personalized insights. It will provide expert-level coaching, proactive recommendations, and nudges tailored to individual users powered by a secure health data platform.

Leveraging resources from OpenAI and Thrive Global, including Thrive Global’s behavior change methodology, Microsteps, and content library, Thrive AI Health will utilize advanced AI capabilities to drive meaningful health improvements. The company will incorporate the latest AI advancements, such as enhanced long-term memory and a custom behavioral coaching model, to empower users in managing their daily health behaviors.