New ZoomInfo Copilot Transforms Sales with AI-Driven Precision

ZoomInfo has introduced ZoomInfo Copilot, an AI-driven solution designed to elevate every seller's performance. In today's intricate sales landscape, ZoomInfo Copilot streamlines a company's go-to-market (GTM) data, combining first-party CRM data with ZoomInfo's top-notch data and applying generative AI to extract valuable insights.  

This innovative tool provides salespeople with AI-guided recommendations on who to contact, when to engage, and even what to communicate across all channels.

“ZoomInfo Copilot gives GTM teams an unfair advantage. We’ve harnessed the power of AI to transform the workflow of modern sales teams. Sellers can leverage ZoomInfo’s unrivaled data as they mobilize impactful, AI-recommended insights across channels and drive personalized engagement, all in one user-friendly platform,” said Henry Schuck, Founder and CEO, ZoomInfo.

In June last year, ZoomInfo introduced a range of new and improved features to assist businesses in gaining valuable insights, effectively engaging customers, and achieving faster success.

AI-Guided prospecting 

ZoomInfo Copilot introduces AI-guided prospecting by personalizing a seller's homepage, creating a prioritized list of target accounts, and utilizing crucial recent sales triggers such as timely intent signals and executive insights. In-market accounts are seamlessly delivered to the seller's inbox, app, or device, offering a preview of opportunities before accessing the ZoomInfo platform.

Dynamic Buying Committees  

With ZoomInfo Copilot's Dynamic Buying Committees, AI-powered quick filters are employed to surface members of a buying committee who are most likely to engage. Administrators have the capability to curate and disseminate these insights to frontline sellers.

Generative AI-powered outreach 

The Next Best Action feature of ZoomInfo Copilot leverages AI to extract valuable account insights and intent signals from ZoomInfo's extensive sales intelligence. Additionally, the AI Email Assistant simplifies personalized outreach by generating email drafts based on the seller's objectives and previous account context, leveraging insights from ZoomInfo.

Unified data 

ZoomInfo Copilot is anchored on a unified data layer that seamlessly integrates customer opportunity data with ZoomInfo's real-time signals and high-quality data. The bidirectional integrations with other tech platforms further enhance insights and data quality.


Sales leaders can leverage ZoomInfo Copilot's customization capabilities to tailor their reps' target and engagement strategies, fostering alignment across the team.  Admins can configure target accounts, buying committees, intent topics, and workflows through AI-generated customization, streamlining the go-to-market strategy for accelerated and impactful wins.

In other news, ZoomInfo has announced a partnership with Databricks to deliver its comprehensive business-to-business (B2B) data directly to Databricks customers in the Databricks Marketplace.