ZoomInfo Partners with Databricks

ZoomInfo has announced a partnership with data company Databricks to deliver its comprehensive business-to-business (B2B) data directly to Databricks customers in the Databricks Marketplace. ZoomInfo has also become a certified data provider on the Databricks platform, which allows teams who are not yet customers to try out ZoomInfo DaaS within the platform.

ZoomInfo’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) product enables companies to ingest the industry’s B2B data directly into their systems and databases to enhance workflows. Since the offering is now available through Databricks, data engineering, data science, analytics, and business intelligence teams can do more with data foundation that includes company, contact, intent, and technographic data.

“Seamless access to ZoomInfo data helps teams fuel accelerated growth for their GTM teams by unlocking and centralizing insights at scale. These insights can power advanced technology applications, such as generative AI-based processes — which are only as good as the data they have access to. This partnership will help data-centric organizations solve some of their toughest go-to-market problems and win faster,” said Sneh Kakileti, Vice President, Product Management at ZoomInfo.

With ZoomInfo DaaS being on the Databricks Marketplace, teams can exchange data assets which can be automated for updates to eliminate decay and ensure all users have access to the freshest data.

“This partnership brings together a pair of billion-dollar industry leaders. Our customers will love having secure, easy access to ZoomInfo's industry-leading data in the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, and they’ll be able to harness the power of this data to fuel their AI and machine learning processes. With the latest insights fueling their advanced analytics, our customers can quickly accelerate their revenue growth,” said Databricks President Andy Kofoid.

ZoomInfo has recently added a range of generative AI features to assist businesses in gaining valuable insights, effectively engaging customers, and achieving faster success.