Moveworks Now Provides Real-Time Translation in More Than 100 Languages

Moveworks has introduced a new feature to its employee support virtual agent that enables translation into more than 100 different languages in real-time. With the new feature, customers can easily provide knowledge articles, outbound employee communications, and inbound agent ticket updates in the preferred language, all within seconds.

Even though many companies have a global workforce, most support teams can only communicate in English. This means that important content, like knowledge articles and policy updates, are also only available in English, which can limit a company's ability to grow. To offer support in other languages, businesses need to spend on translation services and build out multilingual support centers. However, Moveworks has introduced a new feature that allows businesses to translate content straight away, leveraging its proprietary natural language understanding (NLU) models and advanced generative AI technology. Customers can now access translated knowledge articles and policy updates in real-time without additional costs.

“As a global company, we need to provide the same quality of support to every employee at Albemarle to empower their potential, no matter which languages they speak,”“Moveworks gives our people 24/7 help in their native language. Now, they can get support right away, without us needing localized service desks in each location,” said Patrick Thompson, CIO at Albemarle, a global specialty-chemicals maker.

The feature allows employees to interact with the conversational AI platform using their preferred language. When an employee asks a question, the Moveworks bot will retrieve knowledge articles and translate them into the employee's preferred language. For outbound employee communications, the author can write the message in their preferred language, and the bot will automatically respond in a specified language for each employee, making sure to stay consistent across the company.

In addition, the bot is able to autonomously solve a substantial number of support issues, and if a ticket is required, the information will be translated in real-time on the back-end. This is a service that many businesses normally have to pay a high fee for.

“Our goal is to break down language barriers and help our customers foster a truly global workforce. By providing knowledge and support to employees in their preferred language — no matter where they’re located — it sends a clear signal to employees that their time and output is a valued asset to the company. The result is enhanced productivity, higher employee engagement, and ultimately better business output," said Varun Singh, VP of Product and Founder, Moveworks.

Moveworks provides high-quality machine translation services by combining some of the most advanced generative AI and large language models available, including OpenAI's GPT-3 and Google's RoBERTa model. . Unlike most translation services that overlook cultural and domain-specific nuances, Moveworks uses Collective Learning to enhance the performance of its language models by analyzing vast amounts of employee conversations and support tickets.

In October last year, Moveworks launched Employee Experience Insights (EXI), an analytics solution that provides insights into common roadblocks and issues employees face in their daily work.