Aria Systems and Salesforce Unveil AI-Optimized Monetization Solution for Personalized Experiences 

Aria Systems has formed a strategic partnership with Salesforce to deliver an AI-optimized concept-to-care monetization solution, enabling enterprises and service providers to launch personalized services, expand their offerings, and automate customer journeys.

“As enterprises and communication service providers prioritize digital transformation to enable personalized experiences at scale, our partnership with Salesforce introduces a comprehensive SaaS solution that unlocks and monetizes tailored services. Designed for large-scale, sophisticated enterprises, this transformative solution, powered by advanced generative AI capabilities, enhances stakeholder experiences, productivity, and business agility at every level,” said Tom Dibble, President & CEO at Aria Systems.

The solution results from the integration of Salesforce Customer 360 and Aria Billing Cloud, tailored to meet the demands of the communications, media, entertainment, and technology industries. It offers a unified platform for managing complex subscription and usage-based services. It allows customers to improve their product offerings seamlessly, integrate them into their business systems, and leverage Salesforce Einstein's automation and generative AI features for personalized customer interactions.

This solution aligns with modern open digital architecture and standards, accommodating current and future digital transformation initiatives requiring versatile service monetization.

“Service providers are under more pressure than ever to deliver personalized customer experiences, while increasing efficiencies and reducing operational costs. Together, Salesforce and Aria are helping customers use AI and automation to help deliver personalized experiences at every touchpoint, while increasing productivity and delivering faster service, at scale,” said David Fan, VP and General Manager of Communications, Salesforce.

Prominent features of this collaborative solution have already been successfully implemented and tested by forward-thinking companies, including EXA, Liberty Latin America, M1, and Telstra. Jan Morgenthal, Chief Digital Officer at M1 Singapore, emphasized that integrating these two solutions establishes a new benchmark for managing advanced subscription and usage-based services.

In other news, Salesforce has released a survey showing that as many as 49% of individuals have experience with generative AI, and among them, more than a third use it daily and intend to increase their usage.