NICE Launches FluenCX

Cloud contact center solutions provider NICE has announced the launch of FluenCX, a new integrated suite of digital CX solutions that leverages data and AI to deliver smart self-service.

Powered by Enlighten XO, NICE's insights solution, FluenCX promises to help brands build seamless relationships with customers by providing service beyond the contact center.

The suite employs a data-first approach to enable smart, proactive self-service at every step of a customer's journey. The suite also allows companies to identify areas for conversational AI and automation and then use the solutions that best fit the optimal outcomes.

“FluenCX takes customer experience to the next level by delivering the best digital self-service and conversational AI experiences for any brand and is an integral part of CXi. By prioritizing the customer’s expectation for digital fluency, fuelled by data, brands can seamlessly identify the best opportunities to improve automation and plug service gaps. This propels customer experience beyond the contact center and reinforces the value and flexibility of a single, cloud-native platform to reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction,” said Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE.

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The company says the suite integrates into any CX provider's platform, further extending the suite's reach and enabling more companies to benefit from it.

Keith Dawson, Vice President and Research Director at Ventana Research, assesses the family of solutions as "NICE's commitment to delivering on the CXi story". Dawson also said that FluenCX differentiates the company from competitors as it "saves companies money while improving customer satisfaction."

NICE recently launched Enlighten Journey Orchestration, the "industry's first" solution to orchestrate synchronous and asynchronous interactions at scale.