Forethought Infuses Generative AI into Customer Support Automation

Customer support automation platform Forethought has announced the launch of SupportGPT, the world’s first generative AI platform for customer support which leverages OpenAI's technology.

The infusion of generative AI capabilities promises to revolutionize the customer support experience. By analyzing a customer's conversation history, SupportGPT leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to deliver exceptional customer support through human-like conversations, automated workflow discovery, complete agent responses, and more.

Two features - gap analysis and content generation - inform agents of support coverage gaps and automatically generate new knowledge articles to fill them, ultimately lowering the number of pending requests.

To showcase how SupportGPT handles different types of requests, Forethought has created the SupportGPT playground, which lets anyone personalize their own SupportGPT bot and see what generative AI can do with their company’s help center.

“The power of Forethought lies in our ability to deeply integrate with our customers’ data. Now that ChatGPT has shown the world what generative AI can do, the next question on customer support leaders’ minds is how to apply it to real-world business problems. SupportGPT leverages the power of OpenAI’s LLMs—the same technology behind ChatGPT—and fine-tunes them on customers’ existing conversation history. This enables the models to understand intents and workflows automatically," said Deon Nicholas, CEO and Co-Founder at Forethought.

On the Forethought website, visitors can interact with SupportGPT in three different "playgrounds," each representing an environment similar to Macy's, IRS, and Lyft customer support.

“Our north star vision is for customers never to have to build a bot manually again,” added Deon. The company plans to make SupportGPT capable of auto-generating all workflows while enabling customers to modify and personalize them as they go.

Customer experience pioneers Upwork and Kickfin are among the first companies that will be experiencing the benefits of the new SupportGPT product.

“Bringing more generative AI capabilities into our customer support processes will be a game changer for our customers’ experience. We look forward to our customer support chatbot being even more relatable, empathetic, and conversational to delight our customers.” said Brent Pliskow, VP of Customer Support at Upwork.

Forethought currently integrates with many CX platforms, including Zendesk, ServiceNow, Kustomer, and others.