NICE Launches New RPA Capabilities to Boost Efficiency

NICE has released new RPA (Robotic Process Automation) capabilities, leveraging artificial intelligence to help identify business processes for automation. The new capabilities are an upgrade to NEVA Discover, NICE’s AI-powered solution, which uses AI to optimize business processes, enhance effectiveness and productivity, and empower employees to meet their KPIs. The tool aims to help with the organization's overall performance.

Apart from identifying automation opportunities, NEVA Discover’s process analytics tool also highlights the areas ready for optimization as well as employee training. The tool includes a set of business metrics that compare the performance of different groups of employees to spot any productivity gaps.

NEVA Discover's actionable insights, presented in intelligent dashboards, provide recommendations for which processes should be automated or optimized. In addition, the solution offers suggestions for employee training to help employees meet their KPIs. US Customer Experience Awards 2023

Moreover, semi-supervised machine learning enables business analysts to make any further suggestions on new findings by intervening manually. Such a scalable capability further improves the solution’s machine-learning intelligence.

“NEVA Discover’s new capabilities demonstrate the power of AI in delivering actionable automation opportunities to empower employees and ultimately help brands master CXi (Customer Experience interactions). Process optimization with NEVA Discover is not a one-time event. It is a cycle of continuous improvement, with ongoing measurement of the impact of each change, to create exponential value,” said Barry Cooper, President CX Division, NICE.

NICE first launched NEVA Discover in December 2021 to help companies spot inefficiencies.

Meanwhile, the company has also recently launched ElevateAI, a new AI as a Service (AIaaS) solution that brings the power of Enlighten AI, its purpose-built CX AI, to the developer community.