Cisco Improves the Hybrid Work Experience with New Innovations

Cisco has presented its latest collaboration devices designed for Microsoft Teams at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023. The company introduced the new Cisco Table Microphone Pro, a digital and multi-directional table microphone with compatible audio advancements said to be ideal for hybrid work environments. The products aim to provide more options for meetings while ensuring manageable, secure, and configurable technology for IT.

"The future of work is now and it's hybrid, which requires a truly exceptional and inclusive experience that's not confined by location, device, or meeting platform. Cisco is bringing true audio intelligence to its best-in-class devices and software with interoperability, flexibility, and security," said Jeetu Patel, EVP and GM, of Security & Collaboration Cisco.

Enhanced Workspaces Using Cisco Devices Certified For Microsoft Teams

To offer customers more options in hybrid work, Cisco and Microsoft joined forces to provide more choices, versatility, and features. The solution is now available in beta for enterprise clients and partners and is expected to be certified and available for the Cisco Board Pro, Room Bar, and Room Kit Pro in March 2023. Also, the solution will bring a secure meeting experience to Microsoft Teams customers, using Cisco's expertise in developing secure and dependable video collaboration systems.

Cisco provides devices with Microsoft Teams Rooms as the standard experience and allows customers to join Webex meetings with complete features and functionality without IT intervention. With the RoomOS and Microsoft Teams Rooms platforms, both Cisco and Microsoft customers can enjoy the benefits of running both Microsoft Teams and Webex meetings seamlessly on Cisco devices while using advanced device management and analytics in Control Hub.

The list of Cisco collaboration devices that Microsoft Teams will approve includes the Cisco Board Pro 55 and 75, Room Bar, Room Kit Pro, Room Kit EQ, Room Navigator, and Desk Pro, as well as remote work accessories like the Desk Camera 4K, Headset 320, and Headset 720.

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Cisco Table Microphone Pro

The new Cisco Table Microphone Pro is a multi-directional and highly precise microphone that ensures that all participants are heard during a meeting, regardless of their proximity to the device or background noise. It utilizes advanced audio intelligence capabilities to capture the voices of in-room participants with high accuracy using its four built-in microphone elements and provides effective noise canceling for different workspace environments, from small huddle rooms to large conference rooms and custom AV deployments.

The benefits of the Cisco Table Microphone Pro include prime audio quality, easy implementation and combined monitoring for IT, and better security.

Improved Audio Interaction

Cisco works with multiple hardware solution providers to make sure its collaboration devices are compatible with other products and accessories. This allows customers more options and the ability to work in their preferred way.

Cisco is expanding its video and device compatibility to allow seamless IP-based integration with third-party audio systems. This development includes support for the AES67 standard for efficient and reliable audio compatibility, giving customers a cost-effective and adaptable integration with Cisco collaboration devices. Cisco's first partner for this integration is audio equipment maker Shure.

"The new generation of IP-based audio interoperability between Cisco and Shure provides flexibility and seamless collaboration to future-proof video conferencing environments and provide end users with world-class audio experiences. Customers invested in the Shure Microflex Ecosystem can leverage easy manageability, pristine quality, and plug-and-play compatibility with industry-leading Cisco video collaboration endpoints," said Brian Woodland, Vice President of Global Business Development at Shure.

This Cisco Table Microphone Pro is now available for customers leveraging the Cisco Room Kit EQ, Cisco Room Kit Pro, and Cisco Room Panorama. The solution will also support Cisco Room and Board Devices, which are to be certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms in March 2023.