NICE Reveals “Industry’s First” Conversational CX With ChatGPT-Enabled CXone

NICE has announced the integration of CXone Expert with OpenAI's ChatGPT technology. CXone Expert is a cloud-based Knowledge Management solution that enables easy and efficient self-service customer support. By leveraging this integration, organizations can create more realistic and human-like conversational experiences for customers without the need for agent assistance.

CXone Expert uses NICE Enlighten AI models and organization-specific data to create personalized conversational AI experiences. Integrating with OpenAI's generative modeling technology ChatGPT, the self-service customer support is not only immediate and accurate but also constructed in a human-friendly way that is easy for customers to understand.

US Customer Experience Awards 2023

Combining CXone Expert's content retrieval and conversational search capabilities with ChatGPT's AI-driven natural language processing enables companies to deliver improved self-service experiences that feel more human-like and eliminate the need for customer transfers or call-backs.

“This ground-breaking integration between CXone Expert and ChatGPT technology is a game changer for CX. By combining NICE’s deep CX-Industry specific Enlighten AI models with the innovative Conversational AI capabilities of OpenAI's generative modeling, we are evolving self-service to its inevitable next level, providing brands with powerful new capabilities to enhance customer experience, create more efficient customer interactions, and boost their brand engagement in a way that feels natural, friendly and human," said Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE.

Elsewhere, NICE has recently released new RPA (Robotic Process Automation) capabilities, leveraging artificial intelligence to help identify business processes for automation.